Brad Pitt on How Pottery Became His Pandemic Hobby (Exclusive)

"It was lockdown, you know?" he tells ET at the premiere of his new film, 'Bullet Train.'

Brad Pitt picked up an adorably offbeat pandemic hobby. But It wasn't sourdough starters, dalgona coffee or tie-dye keeping him occupied while the world slowed down around him -- it was pottery making. 

The 58-year-old actor opened up to ET's Nischelle Turner about his newly acquired skillset with a self-deprecating laugh at the Los Angeles premiere of his new film, Bullet Train, on Monday night. 

"It was lockdown, you know," he says. "We were all like, 'What do we do with ourselves? What do we do with our hands? What do we do with our lives?' And I just picked up a couple of arts and crafts." 

Pitt and Bullet Train co-star Brian Tyree Henry made headlines recently over a shared love of The Great Pottery Throw Down, with Pitt confessing that he's "seen every season" and agreeing with Henry that it’s "so beautiful" when the show's judge, Keith Brymer Jones, cries during nearly every episode.

No word on whether Pitt plans to open an Etsy shop anytime soon -- although his newly-purchased cliffside home would make a perfect place to unwind while throwing clay --  but he will be back on the big screen when Bullet Train hits theaters on Aug. 5. His performance marks new territory for the celebrated actor, as it's an action comedy inspired heavily by the iconic Jackie Chan -- who was a great influence on both Pitt and director David Leitch.

"We always talk about Jackie Chan, how much we love Jackie Chan," Pitt said, "He's like our Charlie Chaplin, he's just so underrated. And it's so amazing the stuff that he's pulled off. So to do something in that vein, with the comedy infused into the fights, I've never done that before!"