Bob Odenkirk Reflects on ‘Better Call Saul’ Cast Sharing a House for Four Years (Exclusive)

The actor opened up to ET on the red carpet at this year's SAG Awards in Los Angeles.

Sharing the love! Bob Odenkirk is reflecting on his close friendship with his former Better Call Saul cast members as they gather together for one last awards show season.

Odenkirk walked the red carpet at this year's SAG Awards in Los Angeles, and he spoke with ET's Denny Directo about his bond with his incredible co-stars.

"I love 'em so much. [They] are my friends for life, this cast of Better Call Saul," Odenkirk shared. "We shared a house, three of us, for four years, and we just became so tight."

"And now I have a new cast, on a new show, Lucky Hank, which is also an amazing cast," Odenkirk said, adding that most of the stars on both shows "all know each other" and he's getting to know a whole new group of friends while maintaining his bond with his old pals.

For Odenkirk, getting to be on two great shows with two stellar casts back-to-back feels like "lighting [struck] twice." His new drama series, Lucky Hank, premieres Mar. 19 on AMC.

Meanwhile, the cast of Better Call Saul is nominated at this year's SAG Awards for Outstanding Ensemble in a Drama Series, while Odenkirk is nominated for Outstanding Male Actor in a Drama Series -- where he's up against co-star Jonathan Banks.

Speaking about Banks, Odenkirk gushed, "He brings a lot of energy to life. I love him!"

The 2023 SAG Awards will take place on Sunday, Feb. 26 at Fairmont Century Plaza in Los Angeles. The ceremony will stream live on Netflix's YouTube channel. See the full list of winners here and stay tuned to for complete SAG Awards coverage.