Bill Hader Explains Why He's 'Happy' HBO's 'Barry' Is Ending (Exclusive)

The actor tells ET he's 'very happy' not to play a dark character anymore.

Bill Hader is content with closing the chapter on Barry.

The star of HBO's outgoing dark comedy kicked off the fourth and final season at Sunday's premiere event at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles, where he spoke with ET's Denny Directo about feeling satisfied that he and the writers were able to end the show on their terms.

"Oh yeah, it feels good," Hader said. "It's nice to write, 'The End,' on the thing, but it's going to be sad to say bye to everybody. That's the hardest part of it."

Though the former Saturday Night Live star acknowledges he'll miss his castmates, which include Henry Winkler and Stephen Root, there are some aspects to his character -- a hitman-turned-aspiring actor -- he won't miss.

"I'm very happy to not have to play this guy anymore," Hader said with a laugh. "He's a very dark character, so I'm happy that that's kind of over with."

He expressed hope that viewers who tune in to the final episodes will "enjoy it," sharing that he and the writers are "happy with it."

"We just did a big... watched the final episode to lock that picture a couple weeks ago," Hader revealed, teasing that the series' swan song is "funny." "Everybody likes to say dark, but I think it's really funny."

As for what he hopes Barry's legacy will be at the end of the day, Hader kept it simple.

"I just hope people were entertained," the 44-year-old actor said. "That's all you can really do. Everything else is for other people to decide. I just hope you're entertained."

And don't expect him to be signing on for another project similar in vein to Barry right off the bat. 

"I'm going to do something very light now. Something like that will be good," Hader said of his potential next project.

Barry airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on HBO.