'Below Deck Sailing Yacht': Gary Asks Mads to Define the Relationship as She Gets Flirty With Alex (Exclusive)

Gary King asks Mads Herrera to define their relationship on Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Gary King might be calling out for an SOS after asking Mads Herrea to DTR in this sneak peek at Monday's all-new episode.

Another season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, another boatmance for Gary King... but it's not looking like it's going to work out in his favor.

In ET's exclusive first look at Monday's all-new episode, stewardess Mads Herrera and deckhand Alex Propson gets a little flirty behind the bar, which seemingly isn't OK with Alex's boss, first mate Gary... but not because it's inappropriate. It's because Gary wants Mads all to himself. He interrupts their hang, calling out to Mads to hang with him, instead. 

"What do you want to speak about?" she giggles.

"Now that we've hooked up twice, I just want to know what you want out of it?" he asks. "If you want a casual hook-up, by all means, I'm all down for that."

"I'm fine with that," Mads replies, laughing again.

"I see how you flirt with everyone else," Gary tells her.

"I'm not flirting!" Mads protests. "I can't hold Alex's hands?" 

Gary answers with a negative grunt. "It's a bit... intimate," he says.

"To me, that's very friendly," Mads disagrees. "It's not 'intimate.'"

"I think a hug's friendly, as opposed to interlocked fingers," Gary counters. "But anyway..."

Watch their exchange play out here:

"I don't know Gary's expectations, but I like to enjoy myself and just because we hooked up doesn't mean now we're settling down for life," Mads remarks in a confessional, going on to remind Gary whatever's going on between them "isn't serious" back onboard Parsifal III.

"I don't want anyone to, like, hinder me," she adds in another interview. "I'll flirt with Alex if I want to. Tell me what to do, I'll tell you to f**k off."

This is one of two love triangles Gary finds himself in this season. He's also in his feelings about longtime co-worker/chief stew Daisy Kelliher exploring a romance with his longtime friend/chief engineer Colin MacRae.

"Now, I'm shooting myself in the foot," Gary told ET of not shooting his shot with Daisy when he had a chance. "Daisy and I have had a connection -- well, I certainly believe so, for many years -- and I think there's chemistry there, and ... it certainly hit me. I was like, wow. I've had my chance to get with Daisy, I didn't take my chance, and now she's hooking up with Colin and I'm jealous over it. So, it's quite a contradiction, but it's just how I felt really."

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.