Bella Thorne Spills Wedding Details — And ‘Shake It Up’ Cast Is Invited! (Exclusive)

The pair have some big plans in store for their 'over the top' wedding, including a 'LOTR' dinner and a few nostalgic cast reunions.

Bella Thorne is getting married and she has some fun surprises in store for her over the top wedding, including a potential reunion with her Shake It Up! co-stars. ET spoke with Thorne and her fiancé, Benjamin Mascolo, about their upcoming nuptials and the Italian star's sweet proposal to his bride-to-be.

"It's going to be, we think that'd be next year, next summer. We hope between June, July, August. The truth is, we have so much work, we want to find the time to enjoy the wedding. We don't want to rush it," Mascolo said of their upcoming nuptials. "We don't want it to be between jobs and projects because it's such an important moment of our life because it has to be the best days of our life. And it's already stressful to organize a big wedding like we want to do, so that's already enough on our plate."

"And also, we've both been working our whole life so much and had so many important moments that become work. And I think we both just don't want to be distracted on the day either. Planning's going to be hard enough," Thorne added.

The couple, who are starring in the upcoming film, Time Is Up, together, are hoping to have two ceremonies, one in Los Angeles and one in Mascolo's home country of Italy.

"We're already working on it, because big weddings take a lot of time to organize. What we can say, is that we want to do two. We want to do one in the U.S., in Los Angeles, and one in Italy. And it's most probably going to be Lake Como because we love Lake Como," Mascolo revealed.

The idyllic town is one Thorne has had her heart set on since the pair first met in 2019.

"Ben took me there when we first started dating and I said, 'You know, if we ever get married, we'll get married here,'" Thorne shared.

While Thorne is planning on plenty of theatrics for their L.A. nuptials, including ideas for snow wedding with a Lord of The Rings-themed dinner, what's at the top of Mascolo's wish list is having his friends and family there, by his side.

"I feel like my friends and my family are so important and having them there is the most important thing. But something that I really look forward to is also, having live music at the concert. And I have so many friends that are musicians and they're so talented that I just want to, at some point of the night, like randomly, I want to go on stage like, have a jam."

That's something Thorne said would be easy to do because the couple are friends with a lot of artists, musicians and DJs, which means that there may be a few other celebrities at the lavish affair, including her former co-stars, like Adam Sandler, Zendaya and the entire Shake It Up! crew.

"Adam really looks at me as a daughter as well, so I'm sure he would love to have his daughter's there," Thorne said of her star-studded guest list. "I'll probably definitely invite all [of the cast of] Shake it Up! My teacher on Shake it Up!, to our coach on Shake it Up!, Tony. There's so many really special people that I spent so much time with for such a long period of years that were...very impressionable years, I was with people, so I'm sure we'll have them all out. Everyone's got to come say what's up."

The invite list has the makings of a Shake It Up! reunion and maybe a few others that will have us feeling nostalgic too.

"Honestly. Yeah. Shake it Up, I've also done so many shows too, that it's going to be a lot of reunions," she added.

The couple aren't only busy planning their wedding, they're also promoting their new filmTime Is Up. In the romantic drama, an accident forces Vivien [Thorne] and Roy [Mascolo] to come to a stop and try to reclaim their lives one minute at a time to start living in the present. The film not only brought the pair closer, it inspired Mascolo's sweet proposal.

"I was already thinking about it, but this movie was the confirmation that if we can work together and we can be together for 20 hours a day, stressed out, a lot of responsibility, I'm on set, she's on set, a lot of million things going on and we're tired. And if we can get along like this so well, we can do anything," Mascolo shared. 

The 28-year-old actor proposed to Thorne on set of the film, using a romantic, polaroid-filled scene from the movie to pop the question.

"It's a good reference to the movie on the Polaroid scene because I feel maybe the most romantic moment I've ever gifted to her was when I proposed to her. And I actually proposed to her on the last scene of the movie. So we shot the last scene. And after the last scene, I picked up a letter and I read it to her. And we went from set to a backstage, we let's say built, and she didn't know anything about it. And there were like different moments," Mascolo shared.

"Everything would be dark. And we would like walk down this pathway and then boom, something would light up," Thorne interjected.

"They would pop with the roses. So we would follow the roses. And then boom, like the first let's say stop on this proposal path, it was this street that lit up and had all these Polaroids hanging with roses and all Polaroids of our relationship. So I kind of did it in real life and it was great. Then there was other beautiful moments that I won't spoil for you, but you're actually going to see it because we filmed it. Because we were shooting my documentary while shooting the movie. So people are going to see the movie and going to be like, 'Oh, this is the scene and then they're going to see the doc and are going to see what happens behind the scenes in the movie. So it's going to be great. And great memories for our kids in the future, are going to be like, 'This is how mom and dad had their moment,'" he explained.

For the couple, it was the perfect project to collaborate on and a love story that helped seal the deal on their own.

"It felt great. I've never worked with someone that I've dated before. So that was definitely a first and in life, I want to build a family. You want to build an empire, want to build with a partner that we're always building together. So this was definitely a great step in the right direction," the 23-year-old actress shared. "And like he said, really made us see that we could do this together. Even in long exhausting hours, even in uncomfortable positions, we still strive through it. And really made us realize that we can do that and we can do other things together without wanting to tear each other's heads off."

See that romantic moment and more when Time Is Up hits theaters Sept. 24.