Becca Kufrin Claps Back at Critics Calling Her 'Desperate' Over Thomas Jacobs Proposal

Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs
Craig Sjodin/ABC via GETTY IMAGES

The former Bachelorette popped the question to Thomas Jacobs earlier this month.

Becca Kufrin is not here for criticism of her decision to propose to Thomas Jacobs. A month after the former Bachelorette revealed she proposed to her Bachelor in Paradise beau, Kufrin bashed social media users who don't support a woman proposing to a man.

"We've received so much love from people, but I've also seen comments where people are like, 'She's desperate. I would never allow the woman to propose to the man. I would never do this,'" Kufrin said on her Bachelor Happy Hour podcast. "It's like, cool, that's you. As a female, why does it make me desperate to want to propose to somebody?"

"If Thomas in a week were to do the exact same thing, no one would say he's desperate. It doesn't make sense to me. The logic's not there," she added. "Love is love, and every relationship is vastly different, so why not let us do what works for us? I knew he would be so appreciative and supportive of it, and that he would never be offended if the female proposed to the man. So it's like, why should [it] matter who does it?"

Kufrin got the idea to pop the question after watching her eighth grade dance teacher do so at a recital. "The first thoughts were, 'Oh, that's weird,' and then right away I was like, 'That's kind of cool!'" she explained. "I still remember that moment decades ago, being like, 'Well that's kind of rad. You're switching the norm.'"

Jacobs was all for Kufrin proposing, as were his family and friends.

"There were a common two [phrases] that were always said whenever we told my family and friends. It was: 'No way! That's awesome!'" Jacobs said on the podcast. "If you think about it, just the sentiment of that's incredible because you have someone who cares so much that they want to do that for you, do something that is just not done."

"Talk about an uncommon gesture of love! [It's] outside of the ordinary. The amount of thought that has to go into that, not only just the execution, but also the courage of having that be an idea that you want to act on. It's amazing. It's amazing," he continued. "I feel very fortunate to have been able to experience that. I'm even more fortunate that it's with you. I'm just excited for this life."

As for the day of the proposal itself, it all seemed fated when the couple went to a farmer's market and got separate readings from a woman selling bracelets with gems.

The woman asked Jacobs when he planned to propose before pulling out a card that suggested Kufrin was his soulmate. Then, during Kufrin's reading, the woman encouraged her not to hesitate and that everything was going to work out.

Things got even more strange when the woman asked the couple about the significance of sunflowers. For Jacobs, it's his favorite flower, so much so that Kufrin had it engraved inside his wedding band. For Kufrin, it was an important flower to her late father, who died when she was 19. The woman shocked the couple when she told them that Kufrin's late dad was handing Jacobs a bouquet of flowers.

Hours later, the pair headed to what Jacobs believed was a wine photo shoot.

"She had this amazing set up. There was this picnic table, there was rose petals, there was a special canopy with these cloths and linens to sit on," Jacobs recalled. "... Needless to say, it's so far over the top I walk up and I jokingly go, 'This is really nice. What are you proposing to me or something?'"

Despite his joke, Jacobs said he didn't have "a clue" what was going to happen.

"We finally sit down and we're enjoying this. We're just taking these candid photos with the wine and eating charcuterie. Finally she hands me this card about 10 minutes into it. I'm like, 'Oh this is nice. This is cool.' I'm still thinking it's a wine photo shoot. In my mind I'm like, 'This is a little weird, but sure, this is awesome,'" he explained. "Then I open the card and it talks about how she loves spending all of her days with me and she wants to spend all of her tomorrows with me."

"There's a QR code. I open the QR code on my phone and it's a video of all my friends and family telling me reasons why they love me, things they love about me. I had no idea it was a proposal!" Jacobs continued. "I'm looking at it, I tap the screen, it's this 15-minute video. I'm like, 'Babe, this is amazing, but we should absolutely watch this later.' I was sent there on a mission to do a wine photo shoot and I was going to do the best dang job I could."

Finally, Jacobs said, his "favorite thing" about the experience happened.

"[Kufrin said she] wants me to know that this is a partnership, this is 50/50, and she loves me so much and she doesn't want this to take away from anything that I may have had planned, and just like in life she wants to add to, she wants this to be an expression of her love that adds to our story, and that she didn't want to wait any longer, and that she wanted to spend her life with me. And then she proposed!" he gushed. "She pulled out a ring and I was just laughing in just pure enjoyment. It was awesome."

While Kufrin didn't get down on one knee to ask Jacobs to marry her, she assured fans that she "did ask" if he wanted her to. "I was like, 'Do I need to actually, officially do this?'" she said.

The couple has already decided to hyphenate their names after they tie the knot, something they'll pass on to their kids.

"Since Becca lost her father and it's her and her sister, I don't want to see any scenario where there's not a Kufrin going around in the world," Jacobs explained. "I think that's a special thing to have."