'Beauty and the Beast': Disney Confirms Live-Action Prequel Series in the Works

Beauty and the Beast
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Josh Gad and Luke Evans are set to reprise their characters from Disney's 2017 live-action adaptation.

Beauty and the Beast antagonists Gaston and Lefou are getting their own backstory! During Thursday's Disney Investor Day, the studio confirmed plans for a Beauty and the Beast prequel series revolving around the arrogant hunter and his lackey.

The six-part musical live-action series will see Luke Evans and Josh Gad reprise their roles from Disney's 2017 live-action big screen adaption of Beauty and the Beast

The show, which will stream on Disney+, will reportedly expand the world of the film, and give fans a look at the backstory behind the two antagonists before the events of the movie.

Gad took to Twitter shortly after the news was announced, and promised fans something fun.

"Luke and I will perform the sizzle live for you all. Don’t worry. Right @TheRealLukevans? #BeautyAndTheBeastPrequel," he wrote. 

Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, the creators of ABC's Disney-based fantasy drama Once Upon a Time, have been tapped to write the series, and will produce the show alongside Gad and Evans.

Alan Menke -- the iconic composer who crafted the music for Disney's 1991 animated classic, is set to return to write new music and songs for the yet untitled series.

News that the prequel series was in development first broke back in March.