Barack and Michelle Obama Celebrate Daughter Sasha's 21st Birthday With Sweet Baby Photos

The former first daughter turned 21 on Friday.

Happy Birthday, Sasha Obama! Barack and Michelle Obama's younger daughter turned 21 on Friday, and her parents are celebrating the milestone birthday with the sweetest tributes on social media. 

The former president shared an adorable throwback photo of him with baby Sasha on Instagram, writing, "Happy birthday, Sasha! I have loved watching you grow into the intelligent, beautiful, and caring young woman you've become. And no matter how old you get—you'll always be my baby girl. Look at those cheeks!"

Michelle posted a similar photo, featuring her cuddling up to a beaming infant Sasha. "My baby has grown into a beautiful, independent, compassionate, highly capable young woman. But you will always be my littlest pea. 🥲❤️," she wrote. "I’m so proud of the human you are becoming. Love, your Mommy."

In one of her final appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the former first lady gave an update on how her daughters have grown up, telling the host that they now have "boyfriends and real lives." Michelle said Sasha, who is in college, and Malia, 23, are not only "doing well" on their own, but are also "just amazing young women" in general.

"They loved the Jonas Brothers. Now they are bringing grown men home," the Becoming author joked. "Before it was just, like, pop bands. Now they have boyfriends and real lives."

The mother of two shared how she and Barack strived to prepare their daughters for the transition from the White House to leading private lives when the former president left office after completing his second term in January 2017. "I listened to what my mother said when she was raising us," Michelle said. "She said, 'I'm not raising babies, I'm raising real people to be out in the world.' And I kept that in mind with the girls." 

"I mean, they wouldn't always be in that bubble of the White House, so they had to learn to make their beds. They had to learn how to drive," she added. "They had to learn how to be compassionate, independent, responsible people so that they entered the world as responsible, compassionate, capable people. And I think they are amazing young women because of that."