'Bachelor in Paradise' Recap: An OG Couple Crumbles as One Woman Secretly Leaves the Beach

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Bachelor in Paradise isn't for the faint of heart. On Tuesday's episode of the ABC series, the first rose ceremony saw three women leave, a trio of new arrivals sent the beach into chaos, and a day-one couple crumbled under the pressure.

Leading up to the rose ceremony, Jacob had three women vying for his rose, Justin went back and forth between Victoria and Genevieve, and Johnny made a last-minute switcheroo.

James and Aaron's arrival saw two former foes play nice for once, but not everyone was having fun on the beach. A seemingly stable couple couldn't make things work, leading the woman in question to leave the beach without a goodbye.

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Shocks Abound at the Rose Ceremony

Ahead of the rose ceremony, Jacob kissed Hailey, Lace and Kira, as the latter woman tried to score a rose by becoming the Jane to his Tarzan.

Justin was also juggling women, as he told Victoria that he's "trying to pursue" her and tried to make Genevieve believe that he was still into her by gifting her a birthday cake. Justin's remaining interest in Genevieve made Victoria nervous, so she decided to cuddle up with Johnny, who responded by kissing her, much to Hunter's dismay.

At the rose ceremony, Andrew gave his rose to Teddi, Brandon to Serene, Michael to Sierra, Logan to Shanae, and Casey to Brittany. Jacob left Kira upset by giving his rose to Lace, Justin tried to make things right with Genevieve by keeping her around, and Johnny ditched his connection with Hunter in favor of Victoria.

The night ended with Romeo offering a rose to Jill, who planned to use it to pursue other guys on the beach, and Hunter, Kira and Hailey leaving Paradise.

Genevieve and Shanae... Get Along?!

The day after the rose ceremony, Shanae and Logan seemed better than ever and Genevieve and Justin repaired their relationship. All of that was apparently for naught, as James and Aaron -- best bros from Katie Thurston's season -- arrived on the beach.

Though Shanae started a rumor that Aaron and Genevieve had previously hooked up, Genevieve set the record straight once and for all.

"I met Aaron, like, twice, and it was just a very friendly, platonic relationship," Genevieve told the cameras. "... There was no attraction thus far, but I’m not saying it couldn’t get there."

Aaron was certainly hopeful that his relationship with Genevieve could get there, as he told her that she caught his eye.

"I truly, truly was surprised, because he’s never made it known," Genevieve said in a confessional. "... He's funny. We laughed. If Aaron asks me on the date, I think it’ll put me in a pickle, but a delicious pickle."

Aaron did ask Genevieve on the date, as James asked her enemy, Shanae, to join in. While Jill predicted that the whole thing was "cursed," the women put their problems behind them as they faced off during chicken in the pool, played a game of limbo, ate nachos without their hands, and danced together.

Things were equally positive between each of the couples, who had good conversations and even kissed.

"Everything that’s happened today has surprised me in the best way," Genevieve said of Aaron. "... The first night with Justin, I didn’t know if he was into me. I know Aaron’s into me. He’s showing me." 

"I can tell how mature he is and that’s sexy in someone," Shanae added of James. "I know there’s something... but there are some big, big positives with Logan, but I know there are some things I don’t like about Logan... Dating’s scary."

Andrew and Teddi's Romance Ends With One of Them Leaving the Beach

As BiP success story Jared and Ashley arrived to give the singles hope, Rodney showed up to the beach to try and find love after heartbreak on Michelle Young's season of The Bachelorette.

While speaking to Ashley, Teddi confessed that she may not feel as strongly for Andrew as he does for her. Though Ashley rightly reminded her that her own relationship with Jared was basically that in reverse and that it worked out for them, Teddi decided to confront Andrew with her feelings.

"I think you’re so amazing and every single quality you have is what I want in a partner," Teddi told him. "I am attracted to you and I enjoy kissing you. I want to be able to be all over you and I know you want that. I’ve been struggling to do that, and I don’t know if it’s just the environment or if something is missing." 

"I want it just as bad as you," Andrew responded. "I feel that you’re going to make me better. I feel like you’re the right person that I’m looking for... I don’t want to force nothing. I know that there’s a spark in us." 

That declaration only made Teddi "feel really bad," but Andrew didn't end things on a negative note.

"We gave it a shot. I’m not mad at that. I wouldn’t take back any time we had. It’s your choice," he said. "... We weren’t a fit. We weren’t meant to be." 

Teddi left the conversation in tears and decided that she should leave the beach, too. 

"I came here to meet Andrew and it didn’t work, so I want to go," she told the cameras. "I want to get married. I want to have kids. I want to love someone. I want to be affectionate with them. I just don’t think that’s going to happen here now. I want to go home and move past this and find that person."

She left without a word to anyone. Bartender Wells Adams had to break the news to Serene, who in turn told Andrew. "I knew it didn’t fit, but I wanted it to," Andrew cried.

When Rodney emerged to ask Teddi on his date, Jill revealed that her friend had left the beach.

Things Are Looking 'Grim' in Paradise

In a preview for next week's episodes, Rodney is "the hottest commodity," with both Jill and Lace chasing after him. When the former woman saw the latter one kissing Rodney, "S**t hit the fan," according to Michael.

Jill recovers quickly as she goes on a naked -- and "magical" -- date with Jacob. Things are going well for Brandon and Serene, too, as he tears up after seeing her dressed for their night out.

"How he looked at me, I’ve never seen that look in someone’s eyes before," Serene tells the cameras. Brandon later confesses to her, "I’m falling in love with you." 

Meanwhile, Jared tells Ashley that he loves her "more today than I have ever" as he looks forward to a night alone with his wife. When Ashley farts in bed, though, the moment is sufficiently ruined.

Elsewhere, Genevieve is "nervous" about talking to Justin following her successful date with Aaron, while Aaron admits that it will "crush" him if Genevieve picks the other guy.

Shanae is in a love triangle, too, and James seems like the better option as she yells at Logan, "Can you tell me why you haven’t shown me any effort?" 

Things are looking "grim," according to Casey, just as Salley makes her long-awaited arrival onto the beach.

"I wasn’t ready last time," she says, "but I’m ready this time."

Season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays on ABC. Follow along with ET's coverage of the show to stay up-to-date on all the drama on the beach.


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