EXCLUSIVE: Globe Winner Jon Hamm Was 'Depleted' After Every Season of 'Mad Men,' But Has Learned to Pace Himse

It's all about pacing yourself, the actor tells ET.

The curtain has closed for Don Draper.

Jon Hamm
capped off his impressive Mad Men run on Sunday night with his second Golden Globe for AMC’s critically-acclaimed show, and backstage, he expressed gratitude for the honor. (Hamm won his first Globe back in 2008, following his debut season as the complicated ad executive.)

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“I’m incredibly pleased to have this represent the end of this incredible journey we’ve taken with this show,” the 44-year-old star told reporters backstage at the Beverly Hilton, “and to have it sort of bookend when the Hollywood Foreign Press supported us at the very beginning when there was no ceremony because of the [writers’] strike. To end it this way is just gravy.”

The actor also broke his Emmy curse last September, taking home his first Primetime Emmy for Mad Men in eight tries.

Later, Hamm told ET's Cameron Mathison the advice he would have given his younger self advice ahead of the Mad Men surge.

“Pace yourself, I think I probably would have said,” he told ET. “We didn’t know it was going to go longer than a season, much less eight [sic] seasons long. We were very pleasantly surprised but it’s a lot of hard work.”

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“It’s a marathon, not a sprint, is the way everyone says it,” Hamm added, “but if you really want to pay attention and try to bring it as much as you can equally every day rather than burning yourself out and crashing, which I would do -- I would be depleted at the end of every season and think, ‘I got nothing left.’ They’d be like, ‘Well, you better! We’re coming back!’”

And Hamm still misses Mad Men and his character each and every day.

“It was a fun job and it was a unique job. I hope to get an opportunity like that again,” Hamm told ET. “Hopefully this will help.”