Oscars Flashback '08: Day-Lewis Kisses Clooney


In 2008, Daniel Day-Lewis won his second Best Actor Oscar for his vivid role in the drama There Will Be Blood. However, at the Governors Ball after the show, the recently awarded actor was more focused on his kiss with George Clooney during the show than the Oscar.

Joining Day-Lewis amongst the group of Best Actor nominees that year was first-time Best Actor nominee George Clooney, who had been nominated for his lead role in Michael Clayton.

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When the English actor's name was called by presenter Helen Mirren for the award, Day-Lewis walked across the aisle from his seat in the Kodak Theater and shook Clooney's hand and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

It wasn't much to speak of, but hearing that the two had kissed without watching it firsthand created interest in the uneventful peck. Day-Lewis jokes about it with ET's former correspondent Jann Carl.

"Of course. Absolutely. I've been looking for an excuse for ages," he says of kissing Clooney. "It was very good. It was tender. [There] was nothing obscene about it. He probably would have gone for something a little more raunchy... . He's kissable, right?"

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As for the award that he received seconds after kissing Clooney, Day-Lewis tried to describe the feeling of winning his second Best Actor award on his fourth nomination.

"It's like it's been and it's gone, and it's true that as the moment gets closer, you think maybe that you've gained enough sophistication and distance to be cool and then your heart just takes over and starts pounding away," he says. "You...expect to hear just about any other name but your own."

Five years later, Day-Lewis is up for the Best Actor award once again, this time for portraying former U.S. president Abraham Lincoln in Lincoln.

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No word has been given on which of his fellow nominees (Bradley Cooper, Hugh Jackman, Denzel Washington, Joaquin Phoenix) he may kiss if he wins.