SAGs Flashback '08: Javier Bardem's Awards Sweep


Javier Bardem made an immediate impact on the film world when he began undertaking roles in wide-release American films; however, he didn't experience the reward of his American film success until undertaking ruthless hit-man "Anton Chigurh" in No Country for Old Men.

The Spanish actor had received plenty of accolades in his native country but had yet to receive any tangible reward for his American films until 2008. He had been nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe for his first American film, Before Night Falls, but still had nothing to solidify his touted performances.

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"It's a great honor of course, and I guess what I did is to take it and say, 'O.K., thank you for that; it's a great honor," he says to ET's former co-host Mary Hart at the 2008 SAG Awards of his many nominations for No Country. "There's not much you can do other than really thank the people that thought that you could be included in [the nominees category]."

Bardem would have plenty more thanking to do that night, as he won not only the Best Supporting Actor Award but also received the Best Cast Award for No Country. A few weeks later, he completed his sweep of the awards circuit with an Oscar for the role.

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"I'm so happy!" Bardem offers in Spanish when prompted by Mrs. Hart to celebrate as he would in his native tongue.

While Bardem won't have the opportunity to make an awards sweep as he did in 2008, the 43-year-old actor has been given another SAG nomination to be thankful this year, this time for his supporting role in Skyfall.