Oscars Flashback '94: Tommy Lee Jones' Only One

Oscars Flashback '94: Tommy Lee Jones' Only One

In Tommy Lee Jones' long and storied career, he has taken part in many significant projects, including this year's early Oscar favorite Lincoln, as well as No Country For Old Men, Best Picture of 2008.

But while several of Jones' projects hold the honor of winning Oscars, Tommy Lee won his only personal statuette at the '94 Oscars for his supporting role as Samuel Gerald in The Fugitive.

In the press room following his victory, Jones was asked whether he thought the Oscar would make a difference for his career going forward. "Of course it does. You get considered for more parts. Probably offered a few more. You get -- it certainly represents a growth in one's creative life. The most important thing about it."

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The answer in hindsight seems like an understatement for the celebrated actor, who would go on to star in mega-franchises like Men In Black, as well as critical hits like In the Valley of Elah and the aforementioned No Country For Old Men.

While he often takes roles that are more serious in nature, much like his role in the fugitive, Jones doesn't shy away from a chance to lighten the mood. Responding to how his Oscar would affect his ego, Tommy responded, "not at all, as long as they'll let me take it with me every shot that I'm in."

Jones will be looking for another Best Supporting Actor nod this year as he shares the screen with Daniel Day-Lewis in Lincoln. Following JFK in 1991, if nominated it would mark Jones' second Supporting Actor nomination for a presidential film.