Ashton Kutcher Brings Woman to Tears With Uplifting Message in 'Going From Broke'

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Ashton Kutcher is inspiring a young woman struggling to get out of debt. In an exclusive sneak peek clip of the unscripted Crackle series, Going From Broke, Ashton, who serves as an executive producer on the show, speaks virtually to 24-year-old Isabel. Isabel is an insurance benefits analyst from California who has accumulated almost $200,000 worth of student loan debt. 

"I'm 43-year-old Ashton, and you inspire me," the actor tells Isabel. "So if 20-something-year-old you can't inspire you, we've gotta make that shift." 

Ashton goes on to try to encourage a tearful Isabel by noting that she's "done things I've never done" like graduate college. 

"I didn't come out of college with a $108,000 plus loan that I had to figure out how to pay down," Ashton tells her. "I didn't do in my life what you've already done. Setting goals for yourself, for your future self, doesn't mean that your today self isn't good enough. Your today self is good enough, you're climbing now. You've got your feet under you, you're climbing." 

The show follows individuals and families struggling to get out of student debt amid the increased financial burdens of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Going From Broke season 2 airs free on Crackle starting May 20. 


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