Arnold Schwarzenegger Embarrasses Travis Kelce Over Past Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Comments

Travis Kelce called Arnold Schwarzenegger a 'good man' after his reaction to his past comments.

Travis Kelce was admittedly nervous when he and his brother, Jason Kelce, had Arnold Schwarzenegger as a guest on their New Heights podcast this week. 

The football star brothers invited the 76-year-old action star and body builder onto their popular podcast for Wednesday's episode where Travis' comments pitting Arnold against Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson were brought up. 

"When you were pumping me up and you guys were disputing between The Rock and Arnold," Schwarzenegger said, referencing a May 2023 episode of New Heights. "[Travis] was partially right because The Rock is stronger now than I am. He has more muscles than I have right now. His movies are doing really well, so there's nothing to be taken away from The Rock."

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dwayne Johnson in 2005 - David Paul Morris/Getty Images

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end nervously laughed off the moment, saying, "You're a good man. You're a good man. My tail was between my legs as you walked in here."

During the May 2023 episode, Travis and Jason debated whether Dwayne or Arnold should be humanity's representative in the event of an alien invasion.  

"I'm sending The Rock. Just a physical specimen. Confident. He'll know what to do," Travis said at the time. "I think his WWE career kind of exceeds anything that Schwarzenegger did."

Jason vehemently disagreed with this brother, declaring at the time, "Well, you are f**king out of your mind."

Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce - Gabriella Ricciardi/MLB Photos via Getty Images

But when asked who the "modern-day Arnold" is on Wednesday's podcast, Arnold named The Rock, saying, "I think he's fantastic."

The brothers then asked Arnold whether he should represent humanity or The Rock in the event of an alien invasion. 

"It really depends. I don't think that you should limit it and choose one or the other. Why not work together?" the Terminator star mused. "Together, we're the ultimate talent. We have it all. We have the wisdom and then we have the strength, the speed, the talent."

Travis is still deep into the NFL world, helping bring the Kansas City Chiefs their third Super Bowl win this year. But the 34-year-old athlete has expressed interest in some post-football plans, notably in the acting world. 

Travis spoke to ET about "dabbling" in entertainment for his post-football career. 

"I'm definitely out here in the entertainment world dabbling around and becoming a professional in that career field," he shared. 

ET coincidentally asked Dwayne -- an acting star in his own right -- for his take on Travis' potential in Hollywood during a February interview. 

"I wouldn't bet against Travis Kelce," The Rock told ET. "Even though he doesn't have much experience at all in the world of Hollywood and acting, and that's OK. And the reason why I say I wouldn't bet against Travis as I wouldn't bet against any successful athlete, especially at a professional level, is they take that same discipline at their sport and they apply it here. So, the ones that do that you find are the ones that make it."

But when asked whether Johnson would be willing to appear in a buddy cop comedy with Taylor Swift's boyfriend, Johnson hesitated. 

"It all depends. Break out the guitar, let's see what kind of voice you have. We'll bring in Taylor," the Moana star quipped. "I'll sing in keys that don't exist."

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift - Gotham/GC Images

ET recently spoke to Travis about the influence Taylor has had on his life. 

"It's definitely been fun to experience her taste in music, for sure," Travis told ET. "She's so amazing at what she does. And to find that creativity to see where she likes to pull things from and just, really, how she listens to music is very eye-opening for me. It's been fun to hear her take on it."


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