Ariana Madix Threatens to Call 911 During Intense Fight With 'Disgusting Psycho Narcissist' Tom Sandoval

The reality star called her ex a 'disgusting psycho narcissist' on 'Vanderpump Rules.'

Ariana Madix is threatening to sic the cops on Tom Sandoval. The drama on Tuesday's episode of Vanderpump Rules started thanks to a conversation with Tom's assistant, Ann Maddox, and quickly became about much more.

At the start of the episode, Ariana had a conversation with Ann about potentially ditching Tom and coming to work for her. While Ariana ultimately told Ann that she'd have to wait until she was out of the shared house before a change was made, Tom was still annoyed when he overheard the conversation.

Later that day, Ariana came upon Ann crying after Tom confronted her about the conversation. Ariana brought up the situation during a get-together with her pals, and didn't mince words about her anger at Tom over the Ann situation and how he put her dog, Maya, in danger the week before.

"I asked her for advice on assistants and she was saying, 'I'd also really like to work for you,'" Ariana explained. "The attempted dog murderer was eavesdropping and then when I left to go to Katie's, she was crying."

Tom overheard the dig and a fight ensued; she accused him of almost killing Maya and he claimed she hadn't cleaned the litter box in years.

"You want to come back at me about the litter box when you almost killed my f**king dog? Do not go in my room," she screamed. "That is the only safe space I have in that home because you f**king wrecked it." 

Tom responded by encouraging Ariana to "put on your big girl panties and respond to an email" about their shared house situation. Ariana fired back with how Tom has left the back door of their home open before, yelling, "One more example of your carelessness and your f**king callousness when it comes to the house that was my f**king dream house and my f**king children."

Things boiled over then, as Ariana repeatedly screamed at Tom to "get the f**k away from" her and to "never f**king look me in the eye again."

"Don't look at me in the eye," he yelled. "You've already got everything, Ariana! You've got all the campaigns now you're going to take my assistant?"

Ariana had it at that point, telling her friends, "I'm being harassed. I'm going to call 911." She didn't end up making the call, instead venting, "Ruin my life, my home, and then f**king attempt to kill my f**king dog by letting her in my room, shutting her in there for f**king hours."

Sandoval left the gathering with that, but quickly jumped on the phone with Tom Schwartz to discuss the situation.

"Do you see the rage that comes out of her? This is what I dealt with my entire relationship," Sandoval claimed. "That scary f**king rage all the f**king time."

When Lala Kent suggested that Ariana have a productive conversation with Sandoval, she responded, "I am not capable of having a productive conversation with a sociopath, disgusting psycho narcissist, gaslighter, piece of s**t f**king person." 

In confessionals, Lala, Brock Davies and Scheana Shay expressed their belief that Ariana should let her anger towards Tom go for her own wellbeing. Ariana seemingly disagreed, as she decided to go through her and Tom's house item by item to decide what should go to her and what should be sold when she and Tom eventually leave the house.

"I'm pretty sure when Tom sent me a letter of intent to 'buy me out of the house,' he thought I would say, 'Great, thanks for the cash!' and leave all the furniture that I paid for a picked out just sitting there for him to use," she said. "I don't f**king think so."

Even so, the group decided to include Sandoval in a beach day, much to Ariana's dismay. The exes disagreed over who owned the animals and which of them owed the other money. When Sandoval eventually left the beach, Ariana fumed at her friends for not sticking up for her.

"You guys gotta kind of step in as men and be like, 'Bro, shut the f**k up,'" she said. "Because he is such a misogynist, he requires men because that's who he respects to put him in his place and say, 'Dude, you gotta shut the f**k up and f**king take it because you're the one in the wrong here.'"

When Lala suggested that Ariana try to let go of anger, she explained why that would not be happening anytime soon.

"He is never gonna f**king be sorry, remorseful, or one f**king iota of any of that," Ariana said. "You guys keep shoving him down my f**king throat. What do you think I'm going to do? Sit here and have the best f**king beach day ever? When I have to f**king sit here like this and hear his jabs at me what do you expect?" 

When ET spoke to Sandoval ahead of the season premiere, he urged fans to remember that he's "not a character," but rather "a human being," adding, "I'm a real person. Just try to keep that in mind." 

Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesdays on Bravo.



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