Ariana Madix Reacts to Claims She Developed an Ego Amid Scandoval

The reality star didn't take kindly to the insinuation.

Ariana Madix doesn't think her ego was inflated over the last year. On Tuesday's Vanderpump Rules reunion episode, host Andy Cohen asked Ariana if she thinks she got a big head from her success in the wake of her ex, Tom Sandoval's, affair with Rachel Leviss.

The topic came up when the group flashed back to Tom Schwartz's declaration that Ariana wasn't "the queen of the group" earlier in the season.

"I don't know," Ariana said of if her ego got bigger throughout course of the season. "It's interesting. Schwartz is the only person who has said that. No one who knows me has ever said that."

That's not exactly true, though, as Lala Kent blasted Ariana for her attitude on the show's season 11 finale, declaring, "I've never in my life experienced someone who gets cheated on and suddenly she becomes God."

That comment, however, may not have been fully known to Ariana at the time, as the cast had yet to watch the final minutes of the season's finale, something they'll do during the reunion's third and final part on May 28.

Instead, the women got into it over Lala's apparent double standard when it comes to Randall Emmett and Sandoval. When Lala and Randall split, she forbade her friends from communicating with him. Ariana asked for the same after Sandoval's affair, which Lala didn't fully agree with.

"There's one giant difference -- I have a child involved. I entered a custody battle," Lala said of her and Randall's daughter, Ocean. In contrast, Lala said, Ariana was "sleeping down the hall from [Sandoval] and has a new boyfriend."

Ariana insisted she just wanted "respect," adding, "I've always known your situation is different and I've always f**king supported you."

"He asked me a question, I was answering it," Lala answered of Andy. "You know how this goes."

"Yeah you talk louder than everybody, so you're right," Ariana fired back, prompting Lala to correct, "I have not raised my voice. Not a once." 

Circling back to Schwartz's queen comment, Ariana said that "it seemed to ignite some internet trolls that don't know me."

Katie Maloney theorized that the hate may come from the fact that Ariana responded to the affair by chasing opportunities, instead of public displays of sadness. To that, Ariana had only one thing to say: "I do fetal position sobbing when I'm in private."

The Vanderpump Rules season 11 reunion will continue on May 28. Extended and uncensored versions of the shocking reunion will be available to stream next day on Peacock. Then, on May 29, a special Vanderpump Rules: Secrets Revealed episode featuring unexpected never-before-seen moments from the season will be available to stream on Peacock.