Anthony Anderson Jokes 'Black-ish' Co-Stars are Already Ignoring His Calls (Exclusive)

The actor opened up to ET about hosting the NAACP Awards and his new TV gig.

As Black-ish airs its eighth and final season, many fans who have come to love the cast and the show are wondering if the stars are going to remain close after the series ends. According to Anthony Anderson, his co-stars are already writing him off.

"Nobody cares," Anderson joked while speaking with Nischelle Turner on Thursday. "I just realized once the show is over my phone is just gonna stop ringing. Nobody cares. I’m trying to keep [the group text] alive, nobody responded! So I I’ve moved on."

Of course, Anderson admitted that there's actually no way the close-knit cast of the acclaimed series could actually walk away from one another without a second thought.

"You can’t be together with a group of people for eight years, I mean nine including the pilot, and everything else, and not develop a strong bond and relationship," he shared. "So we're we definitely keep the text chain alive."

With the end of the series, Anderson also admitted that he kept a souvenir from production that was literally tailor-made for him.

"I took my shoe collection with me. I took a lot of shoes with me and some clothes as well," he shared. "Nobody could fit my clothes, they were custom fit for me so they were mine!"

While he may be closing this chapter of his acting career, Anderson has a lot on the horizon -- including his return to Law & Order in the new revival series, and he's hosting the NAACP Image Awards on Saturday, Feb. 26, on BET.

Teasing what he has in store for fans, Anderson shared, "We have a little something special for you guys this weekend, so just wait and see. It's not too extreme! It's not too extreme, but it's gonna be nice."

As for returning to the world of procedural crime drama in the revival season of Law & Order, Anderson said he's excited to be back.

"I’m feeling great about it. Its been a 12-year hiatus since we last shot Law & Order, and a lot of things have happened in everybody’s lives since then. So I’m excited for the show to premiere. It was as if I never left you know?... And its a great cast. The chemistry is great between all of us and, like I said, it was like a homecoming for me."

The long-awaited new season of Law & Order airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.