Andy Cohen Says Tom Sandoval Comment During 'VPR' Reunion Finale Will 'Upset Every Woman in America'

Part three of the epic 'Vanderpump Rules' reunion airs Wednesday.

More shocking twists and turns are expected during Wednesday's Vanderpump Rules reunion finale, particularly where Tom Sandoval is concerned.

During Wednesday's episode of host Andy Cohen's SiriusXM radio show, Andy Cohen Live, the Bravo EP teased an upsetting update from the Tom Tom co-owner.

"There is something that Tom Sandoval says tonight on the Vanderpump Rules reunion that is going to upset every woman in America," Cohen shared.

While Cohen wouldn't go into too much detail, he said the comment is going to "cut to the core" for a lot of women, and called it something "straight guys should never say about women."

He did assure, however, that Sandoval does get flack for it after saying it, adding, "People react."

Even still, it's not the "bombshell" the show has been teasing ahead of Wednesday's close to season 10's three-part reunion.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Vanderpump Rules boss Alex Baskin went into further detail about this new piece of information that is so big, that the cast is being told they should wait to see it before determining if they even want to return for the already renewed 11th season of the long-running reality series.

Baskin also said the revelations even had the EPs' heads spinning.

"There are revelations and developments that left even our heads spinning," Baskin teased. "We wind down the day of [filming the reunion] and then a few days later, there's yet another development. It isn't something the group witnessed at the time. So I think they're going to have to respond to it when they see it."

As for what it pertains too, Baskin did confirm that it's Scandoval-related, adding fuel to the already blazing fire surrounding Sandoval's affair with co-star Raquel Leviss. News that Sandoval cheated on longtime girlfriend Ariana Madix with Leviss broke in March, thereby ending their nine-year relationship, and shocking the cast, the viewers and the reality TV world.

He continued, "I’ll just say this isn’t a garden-variety getting-the-group-together-to-recap show or, in this case, just Raquel speaking her piece of apologies to Ariana."

What he did promise, however, is that it's not pregnancy news from Leviss, as was previously speculated online.

"Raquel is not pregnant. There’s no story that involves aliens or dragons! But what I had said was that it’s a twist at the end of reunion that, if we were in production, the cast would have responded to," Baskin added. "And it’s one of the many reasons that we wanted to take a moment between the reunion airing and going back into production. I just think that it would have been very difficult for the group to then continue to move forward, because this development happened after the reunion was shot."

VPR's James Kennedy also teed up Wednesday night's finale on Instagram, telling his followers, "Just watched part three of this reunion, OK? And let me just tell you, like, if you were thinking you were like, over it, right? Or you were ready to forgive anyone, OK? Just watch tomorrow and I swear, boom, you're gonna get shot right back to square one."

"Guys. If you think it’s been a wild ride thus far. Strap your bloody seatbelts. The madness begins tomorrow. 🫡," he added in the caption for his post Tuesday.

The Vanderpump Rules reunion finale airs Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.