Andy Cohen Says 'RHONJ' Is 'at a Crossroads' Over Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga Drama (Exclusive)

The sisters-in-law have been feuding for years.

Andy Cohen is speaking out about the future of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. In an exclusive clip from SiriusXM's Let's Talk Off Camera podcast, the 54-year-old Bravolebrity tells host Kelly Ripa that the franchise is "at a crossroads" in the wake of Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga's feud.

"There are several options. They're both really popular," Andy explains of the show, before delving into the origins of the sisters-in-law's ongoing argument.

"I think they're both walking around with the institutional knowledge that they both have and the institutional hurt feelings, especially Teresa," he says. "Teresa let out at the last reunion that she was mad at Melissa for not changing her wedding date because Teresa was pregnant at her wedding and she was a bridesmaid. She didn't like how she looked. So this is now going back for 15 years."

Cohen goes on to note that Teresa is "clearly not over" her hurt feelings.

"I think what's interesting about it is... they're both a little right," Andy says. "I think they both have really good points, and I think that's why it's not so clearly cut about whose side to be on."

The latest chapter of the pair's feud began when Melissa, along with Teresa's brother, Joe Gorga, did not attend Teresa's August 2022 wedding to Louie Ruelas. Afterwards, the newlyweds spoke to ET's Brice Sander and they opened up about the status of their relationship with the Gorgas.

"I wish them well," Teresa told ET. "I just want to focus on our family, our children."

"It's a lot of energy spent on things that aren't important in life," Louie added, "so we're here, we're married, our kids are amazing, our family's doing really well, and that's where our focus is."

As for whether she hopes for a future relationship with Melissa and Joe, Teresa made it clear that's not her focus right now.

"I'm not even thinking about that," she said. "I'm thinking about just what's good for me. It's been a long time that I've been dealing with this, a long time, so I just want peace and happiness and I just want to focus on our family, 'cause, like, all that is, like, negative energy that I don't need in my life."