Andrew Garfield 'Would Love' to Team Back Up With 'Good Buddy' Tobey Maguire (Exclusive)

The actor spoke with ET at the premiere of his new thriller drama 'Under the Banner of Heaven.'

Andrew Garfield is enjoying his Spider-Man bromance with Tobey Maguire

After the two stars became pals during the filming of Spider-Man: No Way Home, were recently spotted hanging out and catching a movie together. Which might be why the Oscar-nominated actor is so keen on the possibility of sharing the screen together in the future.

ET's Lauren Zima spoke with Garfield on the red carpet at the premiere of his new thriller series, Under the Banner of Heaven, and he beamed as he shared, "I would love to work with Tobey again!"

"He's such a great actor and a good buddy and I just love him. I love spending time with him," Garfield added, sharing that the pair recently went to the theater to watch Everything Everywhere All at Once.

"It was great fun," he added of their night out. "And I would love to make something with him, for sure."

That being said, Garfield's plate has been pretty full in recent years -- including with his new crime thriller series Under the Banner of Heaven.

Adapted from Jon Krakauer’s nonfiction best-seller, the series follows Detective Jeb Pyre (Garfield), who gets wrapped up in investigating the 1984 murder of Brenda Wright Lafferty and her baby. 

The story is admittedly dark and Garfield said that it was important for him to figure out to keep a distance between himself and the character.

"I had to figure out how to do that, because I didn't want to take it home," Garfield shared, adding that he looked to his co-stars and crew when it came to finding light.

"This cast is such good fun and we had such a good time together... that's what happens when you make something so heavy and dark, you have to find the lightness or gallows humor in any way you can," he added.

Garfield's new FX series, Under the Banner of Heaven, premieres April 28, exclusively on Hulu. The premiere will feature the first two episodes, with a new episode debuting each week after.



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