Anderson Cooper Shares New Pics of Son, Says Father's Day Was 'The Day I Avoided'

The journalist is father of boys Wyatt and Sebastian.

Anderson Cooper has a new perspective on Father’s Day! On Sunday, the CNN anchor shared a series of new pictures featuring him and his 2-year-old son, Wyatt, and got candid about celebrating the holiday, although his father is no longer living.  

“For much of my life, Father’s Day was the day i avoided, pretending it didn’t exist, or that i’d forgotten what day it was,” the Anderson Cooper 360 host wrote next to a series of pictures of Wyatt eating ice cream while sitting on his shoulders.  

“The pain of remembering was just too great. The loss of my dad, who died when i was ten, was so painful, and still is at times. But today I celebrated Father’s Day, remembering my dad, Wyatt, with little Wyatt and Sebastian and their Papa, Benjamin. I can’t believe how lucky I am.” 

Cooper’s father, Wyatt Cooper, died at the age of 50, during open heart surgery when Cooper was 10. 

In addition to Wyatt, who is named after his father, Cooper and his ex, Benjamin Maisani, share a 4-month-old son, Sebastian. Earlier this month, Cooper shared a picture of him and his two sons, in honor of his 55th birthday

“Thanks for all the lovely birthday wishes. I feel so blissfully happy and lucky to have these two sweet, funny, little boys in my life,” he wrote. In the first picture, Cooper smiles alongside Wyatt -- who gives the camera the thumbs up. In the following photo, Sebastian shows off his chubby cheeks as he looks out of the frame while he sits on his father’s lap.  

In April, Cooper opened up about the way he’s getting his sons to form a relationship -- although they are two years apart. "I was really worried about this. When I was growing up, when I came, my brother was like two years and four months older and every childhood photo I have is I'm very happy as a little baby and my brother's chewing the inside of his lip," Cooper quipped about his late brother, Carter Vanderbilt Cooper, during an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.  

"With Wyatt, I've gone a different tact. I'm doing a slow roll with Sebastian. I didn't want Wyatt's life to suddenly cataclysmically change... Wyatt's not on top of him every day," he added. "We go out a lot and stuff."   



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