'And Just Like That' Recap Season 2, Episode 10: Carrie and Aidan's Love Train Hits a Roadblock

Carrie and Aidan's blissful relationship finally hits a snag in Thursday's episode of the Max reboot.

Spoiler alert! If you haven't seen season 2, episode 10 of the Sex and the City reboot, And Just Like That, proceed with caution.  

Finally, the day we'd all been hoping for has come. In a fate worse that the focus group for Ché Diaz's failed pilot, the writers of And Just Like That have forced viewers to sit through way too many episodes of Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Aidan Shaw's (John Corbett) seemingly flaw-free rekindled romance. We've been subjected to the tighty-whities. We've had to sit there as Carrie called Mr. Big (Chris Noth) a "big mistake." We've been expected to believe that Carrie traveled to Virginia, of all places. 

But now, it seems a glimmer of a more realistic side to the fictional TV romance is showing itself. But let's not get ahead of ourselves here. This week's episode kicks off with Carrie making her first-ever trip to Coney Island, strolling arm-in-arm with Aidan, who makes numerous comments on her being super "old." What a catch. 

They meet up with Steve Brady (David Eigenberg), who excitedly shares his plans for a hot dogs-and-clams shop on the boardwalk. Aidan and Steve's chummy interaction is cut short by a FaceTime from Aidan's youngest son, Wyatt — remember, Aidan has three children? He certainly doesn't seem to. 

Craig Blankenhorn/Max

Wyatt declares that his mom is "being a d*ck" and Aidan trudges off to once again deal with his familial drama off-camera, keeping Carrie and the viewers out of it. 

Carrie and Aidan both brush Wyatt's angsty teenage drama from their minds as Carrie plans her "Last Supper" meal at her apartment by a Michelin-star chef. Aidan claims to not intend to come due to his continued irrational melodrama over that particular piece of property, but finally gives in. 

But that's when things take a turn. Aidan receives a call from his ex-wife, Cathy, that Wyatt is in the hospital. Turns out, the pre-teen got into a fight with his mom, hitchhiked 30 miles to Aidan's Virginia home, got drunk and then ran his truck into a tree, breaking his collarbone and his leg in two places. You know, typical teen antics. 

Aidan is overcome with emotion, suddenly remembering that he is the father of a minor whom he has all but abandoned. 

"I should have been there, Carrie," Aidan sobs on the phone. "I should have been there."

Craig Blankenhorn/Max

Carrie tries to comfort him, but ends the episode, admitting, "And just like that, for the first time, I was worried."

As well she should be. This millionaire widow has rejected the dead husband who gave her millions, tossed out her amazing apartment at a very bad rate because she wanted "a single girl" to live there, and uprooted her whole life, all to play house with her ex-fiancé, who has claimed to be ready for a commuter lifestyle between Virginia and New York well into his 50s, all while attempting to raise three children. As far as the viewer knows, Carrie has met Aidan's sons once in person, and these two are out here acting like they're going to ride off into the sunset on a piece of Country Lurch's hand-crafted furniture while dining on a bucket of fried chicken. 

It's nice to finally see some reality setting in for these two, whether they end up together or not. 

Meanwhile, Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) is killing it professionally, hanging out at the UN and impressing her boss, but her personal life is once again a melodrama. She decides to take the higher ground and attend her ex, Ché's (Sara Ramirez), first standup show since their failed TV pilot. Unfortunately, she doesn't give Ché the heads up, and the entire set is making digs at their relationship with Miranda and Miranda's confusing sexual journey. 

Craig Blankenhorn/Max

Miranda walks out of the show, obviously upset and Ché chases after her, noting that they are a comic, so it makes sense they would use their personal life for material.

Miranda declares the content is "not funny," which, you know, AJLT viewers have been saying about all of Ché's comedy from the start. The exes walk away from the encounter more estranged than ever. She doesn't want to attend Carrie's "Last Supper" dinner, as both Ché and Steve will be there, but Carrie insists and Miranda finally agrees. 

While the rest of the women seem to be in turmoil, Charlotte York Goldenblatt (Kristin Davis) is truly living her best life. She's returned to the art gallery world, selling a pricy painting to Sam Smith and going out to celebrate with her co-workers. 

Craig Blankenhorn/Max

Though her family won't stop texting and calling her, Charlotte stands her ground, insisting her husband, Harry (Evan Handler), leave his job to bring their child, Rock, her notebook at school and tossing her phone in a pitcher of margaritas. 

When they complain about her not being home on time, Charlotte drunkenly declares, "I was a person before all of you!" 

Yes, ma'am, you were! 

We'll all be waiting for next week's season 2 finale with bated breath to see if Aidan and his bucket of chicken stick around and how Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall) will make her much-discussed cameo. 

New episodes of And Just Like That stream Thursdays on Max.