Ana de Armas Details 3-Hour Transformation into Marilyn Monroe for 'Blonde' (Exclusive)

ET spoke to de Armas at the film's premiere, where she shared all that went into turning into the blonde bombshell.

Ana de Armas is sharing all the details behind her extensive transformation into Marilyn Monroe for her new film, Blonde. ET's Matt Cohen spoke to de Armas at the film's Hollywood premiere, where she said she spent three hours in the hair and makeup chair to portray the blonde bombshell.

"That was quite a journey every day," the 34-year-old actress said about the physical transformation she underwent for the film. "It was about three hours to get ready, every morning. We have an incredible crew of my hair and makeup team, and then Jennifer, our costume designer, was incredible too."

"We have over -- I don't know -- more than a 100 wardrobe changes in the movie, and they're all so beautiful and iconic on everything," she continued. "Every detail is just, you know, perfect. So, it was really amazing."

As far as the film is concerned, de Armas called it a big production, spanning all 36 years of Monroe's short life.

"It's such a big movie, like, minutes," de Armas explained. "It covers 36 years. So, that process of aging, and the very iconic looks or recreations of films that she did -- every day when we achieved that look, and we looked in the mirror and we knew we got it, was like, really beautiful."

And she's not wrong, the film is a nearly three-hour adaptation of Joyce Carol Oates' 700-page novel of the same name.

The Knives Out actress earned a 14-minute standing ovation following the film's premiere at the Venice Film Festival. When asked about the monumental moment, de Armas called it "magical."

"It was truly magical," she gushed. "Venice is so wonderful, and so many incredible actors and legends have been there, and then all of a sudden, you're showing this movie after so long, and so much expectation, and you get"

"It's just more than you can imagine, and 14 minutes -- It was unbelievable," she continued. "I didn't know what to do with myself, and everybody -- it gets very emotional because this is the reaction you hope for. But when it happens, it's a lot."

The already lauded film has been in the works for years, with Brad Pitt and his production company, Plan B behind Blonde. She praised both him and the film's director, Andrew Dominik, adding that the film wouldn't "be here today" without them.

"Plan B have been behind this film for many years. Probably, I think now, it's 14 years since Andrew has been trying to make this film," de Armas revealed. "And Plan B and Brad have been very, very supportive. I don't think we would be here today without them. They've been very pushing towards what Andrew wanted, and to protect him and his version, and his vision for this film. And they're incredible partners."

Blonde debuts in select theaters Sept. 16 and hits Netflix on Sept. 28. 



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