Amanda Seyfried Hilariously Sings 'Mamma Mia!' Songs Through Google Translate

Amanda Seyfried
Getty Images

The blonde bombshell treated fans to a ridiculously translated rendition of "Dancing Queen."

Ridiculously catchy, even if the lyrics aren’t quite right!

Amanda Seyfried dropped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday to promote her new movie, Mamma Mia! Here We go Againand showcased her incredible singing voice by delivering a classic ABBA song or two. Except, instead of providing her with the normal lyrics, host Jimmy Fallon gave her lyrics provided by Google Translate, which led to more than a few hilarious lines.

First off, the song "Dancing Queen" was renamed “Hula Prince” and lines like “Feel the beat from the tambourine” became “Make the wind hit the sound commander.” The song’s new hero, Hula Prince, also meets an untimely end. The line “Dig the dancing queen” turned into “Now eat the Hula Prince.”

Next up was Fallon, who belted out another ABBA classic – “Take a Chance on Me,” which was renamed “Steal My Sad Clocks.” Thanks to Google Translate, some particularly eyebrow-raising new lyrics included “Neatly hug me but please don’t try to escape. You should travel to a place that makes you vomit.”

Then, Fallon and Seyfried joined forces for “Mamma Mia,” rechristened “My Mom Arrived.” In part, the chorus went: “My mom arrived, I will be back there. My God, why am I fighting you. My mom arrived, can I see it please. My God, you are lacking greatly.” Nevertheless, the pair totally committed to the newly reinvented anthem!

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again arrives in theaters on Friday.