Aly Michalka Wants to Do R-Rated 'Cow Belles' Reboot (Exclusive)

Michalka opened up to ET about rebooting ‘Cow Belles’ and ‘Phil of the Future’ and her new Hallmark movie.

After rerecording their hit tune, "Potential Breakup Song," AJ and Aly Michalka are looking for other things in their careers that are perfect for a modern, more adult update. According to Aly, this includes their 2006 family friendly rom-com Cow Belles.

Aly recently opened up to ET's Deidre Behar, and revealed that she and her sister have, in fact, talked about revisiting the Disney Channel Original movie, but as an R-Rated revival.

"The hard part is if that's allowed and if the channel would allow that to be seen that way, just because we don't own the property," explained 32-year-old singer -- who was promoting her new Hallmark movie, Sand Dollar Cove.

Cow Belles follows wealthy and somewhat spoiled sisters Taylor (Aly) and Courtney (AJ) who are forced to learn how to be responsible and resourceful when they are put to work in the family business on their widowed father's dairy farm.

According to Aly, there's a lot of potential for a follow-up that shows where the sisters' lives are now after the events of the original.

"There's definitely a funny version of Cow Belles 15 years later and the girls are maybe divorced or whatever, and they're trying to keep the family business going," Aly said. "There's definitely something funny there, but who knows?"

While Aly says she knows it would be a challenge to get Disney to agree to let them reimagine the movie, there is precedent for more grown-up content on the studio's streaming platform, Disney+.

"It would just be a matter of how adult it really is. But there's still stuff on there like Mandalorian that is technically adult content. It's not just for kids," Aly noted.

Aly also said that her Disney Channel sitcom, Phil of the Future, has a lot of possible reboot potential, although admits that it "hasn't come up" for discussion as of yet.

"If they wanted to reboot Phil, it would be funny. It'd be a cool version, I feel like, doing it with them a lot older," she shared.

In the meantime, Aly is starring in the heartfelt Hallmark Channel rom-com Sand Dollar Cove, which she described as "a really sweet love story between two opposite characters that come from very different worlds."

"It's a great little love story, and it's set in a beautiful setting. It was shot in Mystic, Connecticut, which is a darling town. It was great. It was beautiful," Aly recalled. "The setting itself really helped us, I think, as actors, feel like we were in the story."

In the film, Aly stars as Elli, a real estate developer who travels to a quaint seaside town to convince charming local Brody, played by Chad Michael Murray, to sell his beachfront property. As she attempts to make a deal, sparks fly.

Sand Dollar Cove premieres June 26 at 9 p.m. on Hallmark Channel.