Aly & AJ on Touring With Ben Platt and a Possible 'Phil of the Future' Reboot (Exclusive)

The singing duo are special guests on Platt's 'Reverie Tour.'

Aly and AJ Michalka are making magic on the road while they tour as special guests with Ben Platt. The sisters and singing duo spoke to ET's Denny Directo and opened up about what makes their synergy so palpable.

"I think this collaboration, being able to tour with Ben, has been really special because his fan base is very, very in line with the way our fans think and view music," AJ tells ET. "And I think a lot of it is emotion-based. I mean, he's a really authentic performer and has a huge heart, and I think that resonates with his live audience and that's what Aly and I try to convey in our live shows. So, it is a really good fit from an emotional standpoint."

What's more, the GRAMMY-winning singer is a huge fan of the sisters. Aly says they met at a British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) party a few years ago. As if meeting him wasn't already a huge deal, it turned out he was also a fan.

"He mentioned that he was a big fan of [their 2017 track] 'Take Me,' which we were like pleasantly surprised by," Aly says. "Then we've been able to kind of hang backstage, we did a dinner the other night and we were just kind of asking each other things about our careers because they're very different but they're also similar in the standpoint of like we both are actors and we're both musicians.

"It's just cool to see that we've had very different trajectories in our artistry but we also all started very young," Aly continues. "He started when he was quite young on stage and so we have this kind of cool common ground that we share. When it comes to music -- being our art, heart and soul -- it's just been really lovely being able to have his fans be integrated into our fandom and being able to see the response every night when we play a song together."

Aly and AJ joined Platt's Reverie Tour as special guests when it kicked off Sept. 3. The sisters' last studio album, their fourth, A Touch of the Beat Gets You Up on Your Feet Gets You Out and Then Into the Sun, dropped in May 2021, but the sisters appear to have something up their sleeve as they embrace this special guests label.

"We've never been a special guest on any tour before," Aly says. "We did a very small run back in the day with Miley [Cyrus] but other than that it's always been our own shows. It's been our own tour and this is kind of a new way to open up some people to our music that maybe don't know our songs or maybe remember us from the past but don't know that we're making new music now. So, it was a really perfect time for us to say, 'You know what, let's go out on the road for, you know, a month, and share the rest of this cycle with the fans before we start this new album.'"

And, speaking of the past, Aly nearly broke the internet last month when she took to Instagram and posted a photo with her Phil of the Future co-stars, Raviv Ullman and Amy Bruckner. The photo, as expected these days, sparked speculation among fans that a reboot is possibly in the works. But, not so fast.  

"We've never gotten a call to do a reboot but I feel like most of us would come back," Aly reveals. "I would, if it made sense and most of the cast could reunite, sure. But I don't know if Phil had nearly as long of a run as some of these other shows that are getting reboots."

Phil of the Future aired for two seasons on the Disney Channel from June 2004 to August 2006. 

"It makes a lot of sense if it's a show that's maybe been on for five seasons," Aly notes. "We only did two, you know? It was quite short, but the fact that we're still friends and we're able to hang out and catch up and see each other. It had been a moment since I'd seen both of them. We always are, like, texting and DM'ing to actually be in person is another thing. But it's great. It was a huge part of my childhood."