Ally Brooke on Her 'Brave' Reveal She's Still a Virgin

Ally Brooke
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The former Fifth Harmony singer says she's gotten a lot of 'respect' for her decision not to have sex until marriage.

Ally Brooke doesn't plan to have sex until marriage. The 27-year-old singer opens up about her virginity in her upcoming memoir, Finding Harmony, and in an interview with Hollywood Raw's Dax Holt and Adam Glyn on Friday, Brooke said she's gotten a lot of "respect" for her decision. 

"I put that in my book, and I opened up about that. I was brave to share that," Brooke said. "I was really happy to be able to share that with my fans and readers, and show them the choice that I made, and have them receive it however they want to receive it -- but letting my true heart shine was the goal of this book."

The former Fifth Harmony singer said her virginity hasn't been that big of a deal in her dating life. "You kind of just be yourself, and they either respect it or not," she explained, noting that so far, everyone's been "awesome." "A lot of people respect the things you're willing to share," she shared.

"I have had those moments where people would make fun of me or question me, like 'Yeah right,' but I just have to hold that in my heart and know my truth and kind of just let that be that," Brooke continued. "It's awesome feeling that respect. I've never felt any pressure, and that is the great part about it."

The "Low Key" singer also opened up about an inappropriate experience with a music executive during her early days in Fifth Harmony. 

"This music executive was like come meet with me I can help you. Then when I went, he gave me a thong and said, ‘You'd look really good in this.' I was completely humiliated, shocked, and disgusted," she recalled. "I didn't feel like I had any power to do anything about it, because sadly at that time people heard about these things but really didn't do much. People weren't being held accountable for their actions. So I just felt so helpless and alone. Just a searing humiliation and even afraid. At the time what could I do? I was just a small girl in a group and all these people had the power."

Finding Harmony is out Oct. 13.See more on Brooke in the video below.