Alison Brie Reveals Secret to Happy Marriage with Dave Franco After 5 Years (Exclusive)

The 'Spin Me Round' star and producer spoke with ET about her relationship and how they remain close.

Alison Brie and Dave Franco are one of those rare Hollywood couples that seem to just work. Brie says one reason for their close connection apparently stems from them working hard to keep in touch, despite their schedules.

Brie and Franco walked the red carpet at a special IFC screening of her new film, Spin Me Round, at The London West Hollywood at Beverly Hills, and the celebrated actress spoke with ET's Cassie DiLaura about her happy marriage of five years -- as well as their upcoming project.

Brie is starring in the forthcoming romantic dramedy Somebody I Used to Know, which Franco is directing and was co-written by the couple.

"To me the best part is getting to experience all these other people on set realizing how incredible he is," Brie said of getting to work with her husband on a film. "I already know, [but] its really fun to watch all the new eyes kind of take him in. And as a director, he is extraordinary."

Franco previously directed Brie in his directorial debut, The Rental, which came out in 2020. It's just one of the many projects the pair have collaborated on, and for Brie, its one way the pair stay close.

Reflecting on her secret to maintaining a healthy and happy marriage, Brie shared, "Communication. Its all about good communication."

"Everybody says it, but I think that's why we try to work together so much honestly, just so we can spend more time together," she shared. "So we don't have to be apart so much."

"But even when we're apart, we really make an effort to connect every day," she added. "and that's important."

As for her latest film, Spin Me Round, Brie not only stars, but also co-wrote the script with director Jeff Baena, and she serves as a producer.

The movie follows Amber (Brie), the manager of an American restaurant chain who is selected to go on a company trip to Italy for special chef training. However, the idyllic vision of a European vacation slowly takes a strange turn.

"Its really unexpected," Brie said of the movie excitedly. "I don't think its gonna be like anything that they've seen before and to me that's exciting! It might not be exciting for everybody, but I hope that they're excited by it and that it makes them want to rethink their vacations."

Spin Me Round is in theaters, on VOD and is streaming on AMC+ on Aug. 19.