Alison Brie 'Really Admires' How Brother-in-Law James Franco Is Handling Allegations Against Him (Exclusive)

Brie, who is SAG-nominated for 'GLOW,' also told ET how she and husband Dave Franco will celebrate their one year anniversary.

James Franco will attend Sunday's Screen Actors Guild Awards despite accusations of inappropriate sexual behavior -- after skipping the Critics' Choice Awards earlier this month -- and his sister-in-law, Alison Brie, spoke out in support of him on the red carpet.

"You know, I really admire how he's handling everything, listening and being open to change," she told ET's Cameron Mathison on the red carpet at the 2018 SAG Awards. "I think we all need to support men being open to change if we want to see major change in this industry."

Brie explained why she thought that attending was the right choice for him, saying, "Tonight is about the work that has been done, and I think it still is important for all of us to celebrate that. So much goes into these projects that is behind-the-scenes that people don't see, so it's nice to still celebrate them."

In a Los Angeles Times article published on Jan. 11, five women accused Franco of inappropriate sexual behavior and abuse of power. A source close to Franco disputes that number and claimed accusations being made against the actor are "false," while Franco denied any misconduct on both The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and Late Night with Seth Meyers.

Despite reports that Franco is struggling with the accusations, when asked if he is doing all right, Brie said, "I think so."

Franco is SAG nominated for The Disaster Artist, which Brie co-starred in, while she has two nominations for GLOW: Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Comedy Series and for the series' ensemble. The Disaster Artist was a full family affair, as it co-starred Brie's husband, Dave Franco.

"We can't get enough of it," she said of working together. "It's wonderful to be on set with him, it really keeps us honest in our acting because we know each other better than probably anyone so you kind of can't lie in a scene with someone. You have to be really truthful…He would just be like, That's bullsh*t." Brie laughed, "Pardon my French."

Off-screen, the couple will celebrate their one year wedding anniversary in March and Brie says, as of now, they plan to keep it low-key. "I'm not sure," she revealed of how they will to celebrate. "Probably Netflix and chill."


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