Alicia Vikander Says She Wants to Show Young Women That 'It’s Cool to Be a Girl' With 'Tomb Raider' Role

Alicia Vikander Tomb Raider Premiere
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Plus, the Swedish actress opens up about married life with Michael Fassbender and her favorite pre-wedding memories!

It's an exciting time for Alicia Vikander.

Chic in an edgy dress and earrings, both by Louis Vuitton, the Oscar-winning actress stuns on the cover of Marie Claire's April issue. In her accompanying interview with the magazine, she gets candid on the special moments that led to her October wedding with Michael Fassbender, what married life is like so far and why she's stoked for fans to see her latest film.

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The 29-year-old actress tells the outlet that one of her favorite pre-wedding memories is when her best friends surprised her with a bachelorette party in Paris, France.

"I was there [in Paris] for the Louis Vuitton show and suddenly got a text that says, 'Go out. We need you right now,'" she recalls. "They kidnapped me for 24 hours!"

It's been exactly five months since Vikander said "I do" to Fassbender in Ibiza, and the Swedish actress says that she's been loving every second of married life thus far.

"I'm a big romantic, and I always have been," she gushes.

Thomas Whiteside

Aside from her exciting life as a newlywed, Vikander is also ecstatic for fans to see her in her first action-hero role. She plays Lara Croft in Tomb Raider, which is in theaters now.

"It's interesting that a character that has been seen as very sexualized back in the 90s is very different now," Vikander says of the role, which was originally adapted from a 1996 video game and played by Angelina Jolie in 2001's Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.

"If you go out in the street and ask men and women, young and old, what they find attractive, it’s different. You want [Lara] to be attractive and sexy, but, nowadays, you want this to be a girl that fights. Someone who's vulnerable, but funny. Someone who's OK with people seeing her bad sides."

And Vikander's modern-day Croft is exactly that... a true bada**! 

"We wanted to base most of the action in reality," Vikander reveals. "She's a girl my size, having to become a survivor and overcome a lot of obstacles, and I wanted it to be believable that she could do it. All the action scenes when I had to fight with a man bigger than me -- we had to figure out how I could actually kick his a**."

"I wanted to show young girls that it’s cool to be a girl who’s really strong and that watching her, you feel like OK, she might be able to climb that wall," she adds. "She might be able to lift her own weight."

Concluding her interview, Vikander says it's "an exciting time" for women right now, and hopes to see even more fierce females in leading roles.

"I think it's an interesting time now, because, sadly, even if there are some stories being highlighted with female leads, it’s still -- you know, I did five films in a row where I was the lead, and I didn’t have another woman to work with," she explains. "It was still just men in it, even though they had a female lead. So, being an actress wanting to work with women? It’s an exciting time now, because I think the awareness will bring a change."

Earlier this month, ET caught up with the brunette beauty at the Los Angeles premiere of Tomb Raider, where she revealed the intense training she had to do for the movie, and how it's influenced her everyday workouts now.

"I think I do much more weight training," she shared. "I've actually gone climbing quite a lot [now]. That was something that I didn't do before I started this film."

Hear more in the video below!