Alicia Silverstone Reveals If 'Clueless' Co-Star Paul Rudd Is a Good Kisser

Alicia Silverstone and Paul Rudd
Fairchild Archive/Penske Media via Getty Images

'You didn't ask me if it was an on-set kiss or an off-set kiss.'

Almost three decades after Alicia Silverstone and Paul Rudd first charmed audiences with their onscreen romance as Clueless protagonists Cher and Josh, Silverstone is back with some behind-the-screen secrets. 

The insights, revealed by E! News in a preview to Wednesday's Women On Top podcast, included whether it was true or false that Rudd is a good kisser. 

"True," Silverstone said, and then added, "You didn't ask me if it was an on-set kiss or an off-set kiss." 

Silverstone didn't add any more details to that particular revelation, but did go on to recall another one of her first on-screen kisses. 

"The cutest story ever is when I was 15 and I did my first movie, The Crush, with Cary Elwes and we kissed on set and then I thought he was my boyfriend," Silverstone said. "So I went to his trailer and I was like ‘Was that OK?' and he was like, ‘Yes it was OK, it was nice.' And I just thought in my head like, ‘OK, you're mine now.'"

Silverstone also detailed how her experiences on set as a teen shaped her as an adult, adding that she prioritizes "fun, trust, and respect" at the center of her friendships.

"And when the trust and respect starts to come down, they don't have to be blocked, they just don't hold that key to your heart, they just don't hold that inner circle," she said. "Yeah and it can be lonely, it can be lonely when you really clean out, but ultimately it's not lonely inside and it's not lonely with the people that you do choose. And I'd rather have a few amazing than a lot of 'eh.'"