Alicia Silverstone Reprises 'Clueless' Role and Reunites With a Co-Star in Super Bowl Spot

The actress got back into her iconic character for a new commercial -- and reunited with a co-star.

You're not totally bugging! Alicia Silverstone is slipping back into Cher Horowitz's iconic Dolce & Gabbana plaid suit from Clueless

Silverstone stars in a 2023 Super Bowl ad which was released in full on Monday. In the commercial, a group of students chat in class, as footsteps come up behind them. Cher is revealed, rocking the iconic sunshine yellow suit from the opening scene of Clueless as she makes her way to the front of the class, holding two small shopping bags. 

Silverstone isn't the only one reprising her role for the Rakuten Super Bowl spot! Elisa Donovan also returns as Amber! The two recreate the iconic classroom debate scene to talk about shopping through Rakuten. Another familiar face is designer Christian Siriano, who is seated at the front of the class.

Other call backs to Clueless include a scene of Cher's closet and her having a fender-bender in her Jeep. 

The full Super Bowl spot comes nearly a week after the brand teased Silverstone's return to her Clueless roots. "Don't bug, your girl is back," she says to the camera. 

In another nod to the film, "Alright" by Supergrass plays in the background. Before the clip ends, "Get a clue" flashes in front of a purple plaid background. 

Clueless premiered in 1995, and also starred Donald Faison, Paul Rudd and Stacey Dash. Ahead of the teaser's release, Silverstone took to social media to share a sneak peek. 

"I’m just gonna leave this here," she tweeted alongside a video of her dressed as her iconic character, twirling bubble gum around her finger. 

The spot comes after ET exclusively confirmed that Silverstone was set to star in the commercial alongside her Clueless co-star.

Silverstone has been known to step back into Cher's designer shoes on TikTok. She and Dash reunited in November 2022 on the social media site as their characters, Cher and Dionne. 

Although they weren't dressed in their matching plaid skirt and jacket sets, the pair played the part, with Silverstone mimicking Cher's concerned smirk as she turned to Dash and asked, "Would you call me selfish?" Dash sassily replied, "No, not to your face."

They then broke into a dance as a TikTok mash-up of Ja Rule's "What's Luv?" played in the background. Delivering another one of Dionne's signature lines, Dash said, "Well, there goes your social life," as she and Silverstone continued to move to the tune.

"Forever Cher & Dionne BFFS," Dash wrote over the video.

In 2021, Silverstone made her TikTok debut as she recreated the opening scene from the movie with her son, Bear.