Alicia Silverstone Poses Nude in Support of PETA Campaign Against Animal Leather

The actress is baring it all for a cause she cares about.

Alicia Silverstone is stripping down for a good cause. The actress is showing her support for PETA by posing nude for one of their famous ad campaigns.

The ad, which promotes PETA's stance against leather, features Silverstone in nothing but a pair of cowboy boots, standing in the desert surrounded by cactuses.

"I never, ever, get naked in TV, in film, nothin', never, nope! But I've done it for PETA because that's how much it matters to me," Silverstone shares in the video, which was released on Tuesday.

Silverstone also then details the environmental impact leather production has on the environment, "The amount of resources, water, food, oil for transport, the amount of energy that goes into making leather is extraordinary. It's just not sustainable."

Silverstone also reflects on the new and innovate leather alternatives being developed, which include mushroom leather, pineapple leather, cactus leather and others.

"My dream is to get these vegan, earth-friendly materials into the hands of famous designers," Silverstone says in the video, alongside behind-the-scenes footage of the shoot. "I really like the merge of being conscious of no animal skins, while also being conscious of the Earth, because we all have to live in it -- the animals, and us."

Silverstone concludes the video by reiterating the now-famous PETA slogan, "I'd rather go naked than wear animals."