Alec Baldwin Shares Update on His Painful Recovery After Delayed Hip Replacement Surgery

Baldwin gave his followers an update, after his wife, Hilaria, revealed he got surgery last week.

Alec Baldwin is pushing through a painful recovery process!

On Sunday, the 65-year-old actor posted a video on Instagram, where he updated his followers after undergoing a long-awaited hip surgery last Tuesday -- and now he is powering through the pain.

"Movies, movies, movies," he captioned the video.

"I had my hip replaced on Tuesday of this past week. I had my left hip done in 2018, five years ago, and I had the other one done five days ago," Baldwin told the camera.

The Beetlejuice actor was relaxed in a T-shirt and sported a little bit of a grown-out beard as he revealed that he was still in pain. 

"The pain goes away gradually but it is incredibly painful," he said. "But as we keep saying in my house, 'It’s the pain that’s going to end the pain.'"

Baldwin revealed that he needed the hip replacement for two years. However, he had to push it back due to scheduling and failing the glucose test.

"I needed this surgery done at least two years ago and walked around and limped and I did myself no favors because the compensatory damage you do to your back, your neck, your feet, and your knees is not great," he said.

He added, "So to limp around with this condition for two years was tough, but I didn’t have the time to do it work wise or schedule wise. I didn’t have four to six weeks to limit myself that way. Or my glucose issues affected that, so it was very tough. We would line up a date to do the surgery and I would fail my blood sugar test. But I got all that together and we had the operation done. And it hurts. It really, really hurts."

Proving that he is hanging in there -- despite the pain -- Baldwin joked about the effects of the painkillers that doctors gave him following his surgery. 

"But the painkillers they gave me the night I was in the hospital…Tuesday night I took the painkillers and, man, I haven’t been that high since 1977," he quipped. "It’s incredible and I just couldn’t take it because you can’t function. I don’t think they really kill the pain as much as they shut your brain off."

Baldwin went on to share that he has used his time in recovery to get into the "movie zone" and watch long movies that he isn't able to watch while he's busy working.

Last week, Baldwin's wife, Hilaria Baldwin, shared a picture of her husband live from the hospital room and revealed his surgery news. 

"Alec got a new hip today…it was a long time necessary. We have been through so much together…as your partner and as you heal, I want so very much for you to leave this very intense chronic pain chapter behind and improve your quality of life," she wrote next to a selfie with her husband who was lying in the hospital bed.

"Grateful to Dr Davidovitch, Dr Miller, Dr Golden, Dr. Furgiuele, the nurses, pt, ot, staff and the other amazing people who so generously are bringing him safely through this," she added.

Baldwin's surgery came a week after he marked the final day of filming Rust



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