Alec Baldwin Says He and Wife Hilaria Baldwin Are Considering a Reality Show (Exclusive)

The couple lives in New York with their seven children.

Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin are considering giving fans an inside look at their lives. In ET's exclusive clip from SiriusXM's Let's Talk Off Camera podcast, the 65-year-old actor tells host Kelly Ripa that he and his wife are entertaining pitches about starring in a reality show.

The couple's openness to reality TV, Alec explains, is because of their large family. Alec and Hilaria share Carmen, 10, Rafael, 8, Leonardo, 7, Romeo, 5, Eduardo, 3, Lucia, 2, and Ilaria, 1. Alec is also dad to Ireland, 28.

"Everything's about my family. I have really tried in the last several years, once we had five and then six, and then seven kids. I can't go anywhere for any length of time," Alec says. "In the old days I'd jump on a plane and go to L.A... It was easy to pick up and go... I need 12 plane tickets -- nannies, kids, my wife, I need, like, 11. They don't even have 11 seats in the business class section of the plane."

Several years ago, Alec brought his whole New York-based family along to Los Angeles while he was there working. Eventually, he realized that, with the expenses he and his family incurred, he was "gonna break even" with his salary for the project. After that experience, Alec says, "Everything I do is filtered through the idea of my family."

"Jobs I take, jobs I don't take. Somebody said, a famous TV producer who I won't name, said to me, 'Come do a series with me in Vancouver.' And I was like, 'I'm not going to Vancouver for five months. That's not happening,'" he says. "So everything we did and then shows we have considered and pitches we've heard, and even one or two pitches we've made about our family and that reality show has all been so we could stay home and just work from home. I'm desperate to try to work from New York."

With all of that in mind, Alec says he's "done" having children.

Meanwhile, a source tells ET that "Alec's favorite thing is spending time with Hilaria and their kids."

"Anyone who's around them knows how much they love being together," adds the source. "They are excited about the idea of a show where they can show people who they truly are and what matters most to them."

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