Adam Sandler Reacts to 25th Anniversary of 'The Waterboy' and 'The Wedding Singer' (Exclusive)

The comedy superstar opened up to ET about the milestone anniversaries of his mega-hit comedies that catapulted his career.

Adam Sandler is having a hard time believing just how long ago two of his most beloved comedies hit theaters, and cemented his career as a bona fide box office star.

Sandler recently sat down with ET's Kevin Frazier, where he was joined by his Hustle co-star Queen Latifah, while promoting the new Netflix basketball dramedy, and he reeled at the news that next year would mark the 25th anniversary for the release of both The Waterboy and The Wedding Singer.

"I didn't know that, that hurts. It makes me sick," Sandler joked.

Even after all this time, however, he still has vivid, fond memories of being on set, and said he "enjoyed hanging out" with his co-stars.

"Kathy Bates just texted me yesterday," Sandler shared. Bates, of course, played his character's overbearing mother in The Waterboy, a role that is still celebrated among his fans. "She is one great lady."

When reminded that The Wedding Singer exploded onto screens the same year, Sandler quipped, "Well, that all makes sense, yeah. That's all I remember -- them being near each other."

"Hit after Hit," Latifah marveled.

"Yeah, we did good," Sandler said with a smile.

For Latifah, one thing that impresses her about Sandler is how he cultivates a group of collaborators and sticks with them.

"The best part is that you see the same people around him today, you know what I mean?" she shared. "I love the through-line of people that stay connected once you meet him and work with him. I love that."

Sandler -- who plays an NBA talent scout in Hustle, as well as Latifah's on-screen husband -- hopes to keep that going with her as well.

"We're a lifetime thing now," he beamed.

The pair's new drama Hustle hits select theaters on June 3, and debuts on Netflix on June 8.