Adam Brody Jokingly Reveals What It Would Take to Get Him on Board for an 'O.C.' Revival (Exclusive)

The actor opened up to ET at the red carpet premiere of his new horror comedy, 'Ready Or Not,' on Monday.

When Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson recently reunited earlier this week, it got fans super excited about the prospect of a possible revival of their beloved teen drama The O.C. However, Brody seems pretty sure that no reboot is in the works.

The 39-year-old actor walked the red carpet at the premiere of his new dark horror comedy Ready Or Not at the ArcLight Cinema in Culver City, California on Monday, where he stopped to talk with ET's Deidre Behar about Brody's recent run-in with Bilson at JFK airport last Tuesday.

Specifically, he addressed speculation that they may have chatted about teaming up for a reboot.

"We didn't. We talked about rebooting Friends, maybe?" Brody said with a laugh. "But we didn't talk about a reboot, we talked about old times."

When asked what it would take for him to jump on board an O.C., Brody joked, "So much money!"

"No, I'm just [kidding], but, I don't know," he added, shrugging.

While Brody might not be thinking about reboots right now, his former O.C. co-star, Mischa Barton, is currently starring in one. The actress is part of the cast of The Hills: New Beginnings, and Brody admitted that he's actually seen her on the show.

"I saw an episode, and I liked it," Brody said with a smile. When asked if he'd ever consider making an appearance with her on The Hills, Brody quipped, "Again, I go back to the money thing, you know?"

While he might not be reprising the role of Seth Cohen any time soon, fans can see Brody in the bloody, fun and completely wild Ready Or Not. The movie follows a young woman named Grace (Samara Weaving) who marries Alex (Mark O'Brien), the young son of a wealthy family. As family tradition dictates, the entire family must play a game to welcome the new member, and the game they end up picking at random is Hide and Seek.

Only the stakes are high for this game of Hide and Seek, as it's played with crossbows and battle axes, and the penalty for being caught is death. 

"It's a good time. It's like a 90-minute roller coaster," Brody teased when asked about the campy new horror project. "It's a classic horror comedy, it's a classic date night movie."

Ready Or Not hits theaters Aug. 21.