Abby Lee Miller Opens Up About Her New Dance Show and Why Maddie Ziegler Isn't Invited (Exclusive)

Abby Lee Miller is opening up to ET about her 'dramatic' new iteration of 'Dance Moms.'

Abby Lee Miller is teasing a "dramatic" new iteration of Dance Moms. ET’s Denny Directo sat down with the former reality TV star as she underwent a skin procedure with Dr. Mariano Busso and dished on the latest version of the hit dance show currently in the works. 

Dance Moms ended with its eighth season on Lifetime back in 2019, but Miller is promising a new iteration of the show that "has nothing to do with that network."

"It's not like I'm going back. This is all new," she told ET. "It's classic 'Abby Lee Miller' but there are little ones and their moms, and the talent is nuts."

Miller noted this series will be different with the addition of older dance castmates as well. She said viewers will watch her go "toe to toe with the older girls themselves." 

"You don't go home crying to're 17, either you're going to do this for a living...or quit," she stated. "The parents aren't really involved when they get older, they just send a check in."

While this project promises new drama, old tensions ignite when asked about potential guest appearances from Dance Moms alumni. Miller noted the new series will "definitely not" include Maddie Ziegler following a Cosmopolitan interview in June 2022 in which Ziegler referred to the former series as a "toxic environment." Miller told ET that Ziegler "absolutely wants nothing to do with me and that's sad, but it is what it is." After her Dance Moms exit, Ziegler found success in projects like The Fallout and West Side Story

While fans shouldn't expect an appearance from Ziegler, there's still hope for other past favorites. Miller shared that JoJo Siwa could "absolutely" make an appearance. "She's dancing. She keeps posting dance steps and turns and this and that. I have to correct her all the time," Miller teased. 

Somewhere else fans can hope to see Miller and Siwa reuniting is on Miller's upcoming podcast, Leave It on the Dance Floor. "JoJo will be a guest," she stated, along with other potential guests like Richie Jackson, Rachelle Rak, and her Dance Moms rival, Cathy Nesbitt-Stein. 

While Miller has made some enemies over the course of her reality TV career, she's still doing what she can to give back, including working with Chef Bruno Serrato of Caterina's Club to feed thousands of children daily. "I can't wait to hand a child a meal and visit with them and laugh and they're going to be so excited and I hope they have fun with it and take pictures," she said. 

Miller urges people to visit and donate because "five dollars can feed a family of four, it's so important that everybody knows."