Abby Lee Miller Files Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit Against Hotel Chain

The suit comes after Miller claims that a door at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Santa Monica fell on her during a 2020 stay.

Abby Lee Miller is suing the Hampton Inn & Suites after an August 2020 incident in which the Dance Moms alum claims a door fell on her in her hotel room.

According to multiple reports, Miller, who has been in and out of a wheelchair since 2018 due to her battle with lymphoma, was staying at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Santa Monica when a door fell on her, nearly crushing her as she was attempting to wheel herself into the bathroom of her room.

In Miller's suit, the former reality TV star claims she was leaving the bathroom when the back left wheel of her wheelchair got caught under the sliding bathroom door. When she attempted to free herself, Miller alleges the 300-pound-plus door came crashing down, pinning her wheelchair and leaving her trapped in the doorway for six to 12 minutes.

Miller went on to allege that she screamed for help until two staff members at the hotel came to her aid. She was then taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital for treatment for injuries sustained to her head and shoulder, which she claims she's still going to physical therapy for.

Miller is also accusing the hotel chain of not being handicap-friendly, noting that during an extended stay at the hotel from March to October 2020, she found that the hotel's laundry room was not wheelchair accessible, the hallways were often blocked by housekeeping carts and that she was unable to open doors to other parts of the hotel.

Miller is suing the hotel chain for negligence, emotional distress, unlawful discrimination, discrimination against individuals with disabilities and false imprisonment, and is seeking at least $8.5 million in damages. 

In a statement shared with ET, Miller's attorney said that Miller is committed to using her platform to urge corporations to provide the same accessibility and services to the disability community as they do their non-disabled patrons.

"While we cannot comment about ongoing litigation, Abby Lee Miller is committed to using her public platform to bring attention to the multitude of indignities suffered by the failure of corporations to provide the same accessibility and services availed to the non-disabled community," her attorney said in the statement. "It’s 2022, these lawsuits should be a relic of the past.  Architectural barriers against the disabled community is a humiliation that no one should suffer."

Miller underwent emergency surgery in April 2018 after it was discovered she had a mass infection putting pressure on her spine, which was causing her severe pain. She was then diagnosed with Burkitt lymphoma, a rare and aggressive form of cancer. While Miller has been able to walk with a help of a walker, she told ET in February 2021 that she had been living in a hotel so that she could call the front desk for help when she needs it.

"It's sad. I've been trying to get back to Florida to my house and my life there since March 13," Miller told ET's Kevin Frazier at the time. "And because of my doctors are recommending that I don't travel, that I don't fly until I get the vaccine, until we know that it's working safely, I've been quarantined here, alone, you know, in a hotel."

Despite difficulties with her health, Miller said she would like to make a return to television in the future -- though behind the scenes.

"I have an amazing young adult show with a paranormal twist to it that is in the works, and I also have a new reality show, two shows," Miller revealed. "One is more prison-related about what happens when you get out of prison, and it's just killer. It’s amazing, the show, and there's nothing like it on TV ... and it would be incredible. And then there's been talks of me coming back and doing a show with the [dance] students, no moms, but with the dancers themselves, the teenagers. ... We'll go at it, each other. They don't need mom anymore."

"I hope and I dream and I'm creative and I love the creative process," she continued. "I love the costuming and the music and the choreography, I love that part of it all. And I think there's still a niche for me, but who knows?"



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