A TikTok Color Analysis Shopping Guide: What to Wear If You’re an Autumn, Spring, Summer or Winter

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color analysis

We don't know about you, but the color analysis trend has been all over our TikTok FYPs recently.

Between the viral filter that claims to help you discover your color season to the hashtag #coloranalysis with over 600 million views, it's safe to say that color analysis has taken over TikTok. So, what exactly is the viral trend and what are the best pieces to shop for your color season?

In case you're unfamiliar, color analysis is a tool that helps you uncover which colors are the most flattering to wear based on your skin tone, hair and facial features. Color analysis is based on four different color palettes, known as "color seasons": winter, autumn, summer and spring.

Color analysis isn't new: It was made popular almost 40 years ago thanks to Carole Jackson's Color Me Beautiful workbook. But thanks to TikTok, the trend is back in a big way. Each season is characterized by warmth and saturation: winter is cool and bright, fall is warm and muted, summer is cool and muted and spring is warm and bright.

To find your color season using the TikTok filter, zoom in on your face in natural light with no makeup on. Tap through the seasons, and whichever seems to make your features pop without washing you out is your color season.

@stylingbypriest It can take some time to train your eye to see the differences and some people are more obvious than others. Good luck! #colorseason#stylingbypriest♬ original sound - Priest

Another way to tell is by assessing your skin undertones and contrast levels — whether you have warm or cool undertones, and if your facial features and hair color are in sharp contrast to your skin tone. If you're still not sure, there are websites such as colorwise.me that can help you discover your palette, or you can consult a color analysis expert for a professional read. 

Think you've found your perfect match? We've put together the best pieces to shop for every color palette based on the viral TikTok trend. Below, shop the best clothing and makeup for winters, autumns, summers and springs.

Winter Color Season Shopping Guide

Winters are characterized by a neutral-to-cool undertone and highly contrasted facial features. Your best colors are similarly bold: black, white, true red, hot pink and cobalt blue. Some celebrity examples — according to TikTok— include Lupita Nyong'o, Anne Hathaway and Lucy Liu.

You'll look and feel powerful in this confident cobalt blue dress with fun feather details.


A bright, cool-toned red lipstick is just what the doctor ordered to make your features pop.


Flatter your high-contrast features with an equally high-contrast bag.


Autumn Color Season Shopping Guide

Softer and warmer than winters, autumns have very warm undertones and low-to-medium contrast features. If you fall into the autumn category, you'll shine in brown, burnt orange, olive green, deep teal and maroon. Fellow autumns are Hailey Bieber, Angela Basset and Jennifer Lopez.

Olive green is a must-have shade for enhancing the golden tones in your skin and eyes.


This warm, mid-toned brick red will make your skin glow without looking harsh or draining.


Warm cognac brown is your perfect neutral to enhance your complexion.


Summer Color Season Shopping Guide

Similar in softness to autumns but without the warmth, a summer has very cool undertones and low-contrast features. Summers look lovely in ashy, muted tones — think dusty rose, grey, cornflower blue, lavender and taupe. Your summer palette sisters are Emily Blunt, Rihanna and Irina Shayk.

Summers shine in silver, so this metallic chain-strap bag is a no-brainer.


Spring Color Season Shopping Guide

Finally, the spring palette includes those with neutral-to-warm undertones and high-contrast features. Those with spring characteristics look their best in similarly warm, bright colors such as coral, bright teal, gold, camel and lime green. Celebs under the spring category include Lizzo, Brenda Song and Emma Stone.

Gold is most definitely your color — embrace it in this gleaming pleated maxi.


A punchy orange-red purse is just what you need to complement your radiant skin.



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