'90 Day: The Single Life': Tim and Jamal Attempt to Make Peace After Huge Fight (Exclusive)

In this exclusive clip from Monday's episode, Tim and Jamal attempt to make peace after Jamal called him a 'b**ch.'

Tim and Jamal are at least open to meeting up with one another again in this exclusive clip from Monday's episode of 90 Day: The Single Life, after Jamal crossed the line in a fight with Tim. The two engage in a game of pickleball with their respective dates as their partners -- Jamal's girlfriend (and Tim's ex-fiancée) Veronica, and Tim's new love interest, Luisa.

Tim and Jamal got into a huge argument during last week's episode, after Jamal out of nowhere questioned Tim's role as a dad to Veronica's daughter, Chloe. Though Chloe is not Tim's biological daughter, both Tim and Veronica agree that Tim helped raise her. After the two got into each other's faces, it's clear there's still tension between them in the clip.

"Jamal really pissed me off that night but I don't really have a need to talk to Jamal about last night, especially in front of Luisa," he says.

But it's clear Tim wants to win the game badly, telling Luisa, "I don't like to lose." Meanwhile, Veronica tells Tim that he needs to find a way to work it out with Jamal and co-exist.

"He was the one that crossed the line," Tim replies. "I'm gonna do my best."

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ET spoke with Tim ahead of this season of 90 Day: The Single Life and he talked about his close relationship with Veronica and also explained why he wasn't a fan of Jamal.

"Well, I just think he's arrogant, immature," he said. "And I was gonna say, like, I think [Veronica's] into ... I mean, a lot of women think he's a very attractive man, you know? I think that he's got some good qualities for that type of guy. I just didn't think he was the right guy for Veronica. But, you know, I just think he's very immature and he's very arrogant. And I just, I don't vibe with people like that ... I'm very self-aware, I'm self-deprecating. I'm the opposite of that type of guy that's like, 'Mr. Macho. I'm the best at everything.' So, he's just not my type."

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