'90 Day: The Single Life' Recap: Natalie Tries to Save Her Marriage to Michael and Hopes for a 'Miracle'

Natalie wants her estranged husband back and is hoping for a miracle.

After finally breaking it off with her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Josh, Natalie is ready to win back her estranged husband, Michael. On Monday's episode of 90 Day: The Single Life, Natalie's mother, Neliia, reached out to him to visit them in Los Angeles and he actually came. Natalie definitely still had feelings for Michael despite their beyond rocky romance that ended badly. 

Natalie's 90 Day Fiancé journey began when she moved from Ukraine to be with Michael. The two ended up arguing constantly -- at one point, Natalie even insulted his intelligence  -- and it was clear Natalie did not want to live in rural Sequim, Washington, with Michael. Michael eventually filed for divorce from her after Natalie started dating Josh, though it's clear Natalie's mother is still big fan of Michael's and never liked Josh.

On Monday's episode, Natalie said she wasn't in the best place one month after breaking up with Josh, since she was single, jobless and alone in Los Angeles with just her mom.

"All of my dreams just kind of disappeared at one time," she told cameras. "Because I had a plan with Josh. Now I don't have a plan."

Natalie's mom felt bad for her and told her she called Michael and asked him to visit them "because what Josh did was so unfair." Natalie's mood perked up immediately and she was shocked at the turn of events.

"You know, part of me wants to see him because I had a lot of expectations when I came to L.A. ... I just feel down a lot because none of my expectations happened," she said. "But I just broke up with Josh and I haven't had this time, breakup moment. Like, I have a lot of mixed feelings. But on the other hand, I hope Michael will bring some light into my life."

While Natalie's mom was clearly hoping for the two to get back together, Natalie said that Michael didn't want her anymore. Still, Natalie's mom insisted that maybe he still loved her and that this could be her opportunity for a child.

"Even though Michael is still my husband, I haven't seen him for more than over a year," Natalie said. "But honestly, Michael and I were on the same page about having child and family and all of that. I still have feelings for Mike. And I think, like, he might have some feelings for me, too."

Later, Michael met up with Natalie and Neliia at the farmer's market and Natalie now definitely wanted to get back together, noting that he "looked tall and handsome." Meanwhile, Michael told cameras that he knew Natalie and Neliia still loved him, and that he still loved them.

"I do. We got a lot of history," he said. "I feel a big sense of relief that Mama made it to America. I wasn't there but I was glad I was able to help make that happen."

Michael bluntly asked what drove Natalie to Los Angeles and if it was Josh. Natalie acknowledged they dated but insisted that they broke up and he was now no longer in her life. Neliia said it was time for them to "make up" and wanted Natalie and Mike to talk privately.

"Honestly, this could be my moment to save my marriage," Natalie told cameras. "After all the story with Josh, relocation, I could actually fix it. I mean, life is miracle. Miracles happen. I believe in miracles."

In a preview of next week's episode, Natalie tells Michael that she still loves him. He responds that they've been separated for years and she bluntly asks him if he's met someone. Michael is silent as Natalie looks emotional.

ET spoke to Natalie about this season of 90 Day: The Single Life and she explained why she will never close the door on getting back together with Michael. Watch the video below for more.