'90 Day: The Single Life' Recap: Natalie Reflects on Her Three Failed Marriages

Natalie gets candid about why her past marriages never worked out.

Natalie is looking back on her past loves and why her relationships haven't worked out. On Monday's episode of 90 Day: The Single Life, Natalie got candid about her three failed marriages and her new fears about wasting time with her current on-again, off-again love interest, Josh.

Prior to this season of 90 Day: The Single Life, Natalie was first introduced to 90 Day Fiancé viewers when her rocky relationship with her now ex, Michael, was documented. But Natalie had actually already been married twice before in her home country of Ukraine. On Monday's episode, she was feeling uneasy about where she stood with Josh. She felt Josh was hiding her since he would never invite her to his house and he didn't want to spend a lot of time together. She confided this to her mother -- who's still a big fan of Michael -- and her mother said she felt Natalie was just wasting her time with Josh since she wants to get married and have kids. Her mother said that in Ukraine, the man would not waste time and committ, unlike what was happening with Josh.

"My mom loved my first husband a lot," Natalie tells cameras. "He was very educated, nice, polite. Very sensitive, very human, very decent person. Never fight, always smooth. I was the one who was like, sparkle, sparkle. If I would meet him now, things would be different. I was 22 years old and I was very happy but not right time -- wrong time."

Natalie said in contrast, her mother hated her second husband. She shared that he was in the military and called him "demanding."

"And it felt like I'm a soldier who's on duty," she said.

When a producer brought up her third husband, Michael, Natalie smiled wistfully.

"My mom liked Michael," she said.

Natalie's mom did in fact tell Natalie that Michael committed much faster than Josh, who's been dating Natalie for over a year.

"He hasn't done anything for it," her mother, who's obviously still upset that Josh didn't bother to pick her and Natalie up at the airport when they arrived to Los Angeles, stressed. "I think Josh is bad and he's not being solid. I think maybe find someone different, someone solid and worthwhile. Someone reliable."

Natalie said she didn't want her mom to think she failed at having a family in America and told cameras that her mother was always hoping for a grandchild and all she got from her three failed marriages was divorce.

"But this is first time I've seen her so upset," Natalie said. "And it makes me sad too. So I need to think and make some serious decisions."

ET sat down with Natalie last month and she shared why she would never close the door on Michael, even though he filed for divorce from her in December. She also responded to criticism from viewers that she uses men for money or for what they can give her. Watch the video below for more.


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