'90 Day Fiancé's Jasmine Shares What Gino Thinks of Her Being on OnlyFans (Exclusive)

ET spoke to Jasmine to talk about her surprising new gig and the explosive cheating allegations this season.

Jasmine and Gino are making their explosive 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days return and Jasmine is teasing a "chaotic" new season. ET's Melicia Johnson spoke with Jasmine ahead of Sunday's season 6 premiere and the reality star opened up about the cheating allegations in the trailer, where she stands with Gino and her surprising new gig.

Jasmine and Gino definitely made a splash during their season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days for bringing plenty of drama, which included Gino getting caught on a sugar daddy/sugar baby website, him sending topless photos of her to his ex without her consent, and a producer having to step in when she got physical after an intense confrontation. But in the new trailer, Gino returns to Panama and Jasmine says it's the couple's "last chance" to reignite their spark. Of course, it's not smooth sailing between them and at one point Gino asks her if she's cheating on him and he calls her a "f**king idiot." She retaliates and tells him she's going back to her ex because "he knows how to f**k" and that he's "the best man [she's] ever had."

"Oh, well, a lot is happening and you know, people have different definitions of cheating," Jasmine coyly tells ET about the intense moment.

She does acknowledge she would be "pissed" if Gino did what she did.

"I would be mad but my definition of cheating is like, you look at another person, you're cheating on me, OK?" she notes. "So using my own definition of cheating, I have to be fair to Gino. He's saying, like, you're cheating on me at that moment according to my own definition, maybe. Maybe I was, I don't know -- yes, maybe, yes, maybe no. You have to watch the show, you're gonna be surprised."

But she does admit that throwing her ex in Gino's face was "low."

"It was very, very bad. You don't tell that to a man -- even if that was true or not, that was the lowest of the low," she says. "Now that I'm saying it, I was like, my goodness I can't believe it and this is what I'm talking about. When I get mad, I know people and I know what word I should use to hurt them badly, you know? And I use those words because I'm very articulated when I'm mad." 

Jasmine says she's still working on her explosive temper, which was very much on display during their previous season.

"I'm very aware of it and I keep telling myself, yes, I'm working on it. I'm trying my best. But when I'm calm it's like, no, I won't do it again. I'm gonna pick my words, I'm gonna go to the corner, calm down. But when I'm mad, you know, it's like oops, I did it again," she acknowledges. "I try harder the next time, so yeah, there is still a super jealous, controlling Jasmine, yes, but at least, you know, she's aware of it and she's still trying to control herself. It's not easy, it's like a beast inside of me. It's a very nice, lovely, lovely Jasmine and then we have this other Jasmine that, even myself, I'm afraid of because I know it gets very obvious sometimes."

As for how she's been able to forgive Gino for sharing her topless photos with his ex, she says that it was because it was in the beginning of their relationship and not when they were more serious. However, she did lose her job as an American literature teacher because of it and she now has an OnlyFans account. Jasmine says she's doesn't hide anything from Gino about what she does.

"Well, I'm very open and transparent about my job as a content creator in OnlyFans," she says. "There might be a misconception about OnlyFans, you know, I am guilty myself because in the past I look at this site just as, you know, pornography... But actually, you as a content creator, you decide how how far you want to go. I'm just there, I don't know, modeling lingerie, being just sexy, being, you know, provocative, but Gino knows there are certain things that I cannot cross the line, for example, no nudity. We agree as a couple there's not going to be any nudity, maybe some transparent stuff like insinuating, but .... you can actually not see at all. ... And it's not just because I'm dating Gino, it's just that I won't feel good about it."

Jasmine also discusses whether or not she and Gino have been able to work out their intimacy issues in the bedroom. Jasmine memorably begged Gino for his "meat" during their season's tell-all and complained about not being sexually satisfied.

"Maybe that's the reason why I'm moody all the time. I need some protein and some meat," she jokes. "Well, I can just tell you this, girl. We're still having some bed issues, maybe not the same as before. But you know, to me intimacy is -- and I do believe that for most couples it's not the most important -- but it is one of the most important parts, because that's what made you see your partner as your partner not just like, as a roommate or as a friend or as a colleague at work. You know, intimacy actually changes the dynamic. You need to be intimate with that person, and sex has always been an issue for Gino and I in one way or the other."

Despite their intimacy issues, Jasmine says having a child with Gino is not out of the question. During their previous season, Gino wanted to get Jasmine pregnant right away but she resisted. Although viewers raised their eyebrows at Gino's urgency, Jasmine says she understands where he was coming from.

"Looking back and trying to show some empathy to him, you know, he was already in his 50s, no kids. And on my side, I already have two beautiful baby boys, you know, and I have had that experience, I understand that," she reflects. "I don't want to take that away from Gino. But at the same time, because I'm a mother already myself, I know the big responsibility that it is having kids. ... It's a never ending job ... until you die, literally."

"So because I know that, and because I have my kids, as much as I want to give him that opportunity, make a dream come true, it's something that we still need to discuss and see first if we work as a couple, because it would be very unfair for us to bring a human being into such a chaotic relationship like the one we have," she continues. "But if it happens -- because you never know, you know, if you're eating cake, it might happen. And sometimes it happens even when you're taking precautions. You never know. It happens. But if I had, you know, the power to decide when, I would say the we still have a lot of things to work on before even thinking about kids."

One thing Jasmine can promise is Gino will still be wearing his signature hats this season.

"That's not gonna stop, that's the way he is," she says. "He has an infinite collection of hats. I have never seen a person owning so many hats, different styles. Now that's something that you're gonna be seeing a lot in this new season. It's like the hats are there, but they come in different colors and shapes now."

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days returns Sunday, June 4, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.