'90 Day Fiancé' Tell-All: Mahmoud Addresses Flirting With Another Woman, Gets Called an 'A**hole' (Exclusive)

'90 Day Fiancé’: Nicole Packs Her Bags to Leave Mahmoud After Intense Argument
90 Day Fiance

Mahmoud addressed talking with another woman online and openly laughed at Nicole.

Mahmoud is not here to make friends with any of his fellow 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way castmates. During the final part of this season's tell-all that aired Sunday on TLC, Mahmoud and his brother, Ahmed, made a virtual appearance from Egypt and Mahmoud quickly displayed his hot temper.

Mahmoud's relationship with his wife, Nicole, has been shaky this season due to her not wanting to conform to the more conservative Muslim culture that Mahmoud wants her to. But a surprising revelation during the season finale was that Nicole caught him having an inappropriate conversation online with a woman from China. During the tell-all, Nicole was still clearly upset about the situation. Mahmoud, however, laughed it off and said he was merely chatting with the woman who was selling televisions. He did acknowledge asking how old she was and Nicole insisted that he asked her much more than that, like what kind of television she likes to watch and what she was doing at the time. But while Nicole was upset, Mahmoud and Ahmed continued to laugh.

"It started as professional and then it slowly moved into ... I don't know what it was," Nicole said of Mahmoud's interaction with the woman. "It was definitely more than two questions. Mahmoud, you definitely crossed some lines there. It was totally inappropriate and you know it."

At this point, her fellow 90 Day Fiancé castmates called Mahmoud out for continuing to laugh, with Isabel noting his attitude was "too disrespectful." But Mahmoud and Ahmed insisted that this was their culture, and that they laugh even when they're fighting or sad. But Nicole said she felt Mahmoud was laughing because he was "embarrassed." At this point, Gabe bluntly told Mahmoud that he thought he was "so scummy" and that he was never going to change. His advice was for Nicole to get a divorce and find someone with the same views as her. Nicole acknowledged that she and Mahmoud didn't have the same views when it comes to being a Muslim and that he was "incredibly orthodox." Mahmoud was also honest when he said that if he comes to the U.S. to be with Nicole, he would still ask Nicole to change the way she dresses and cover her body.

Later, Kris called Mahmoud a hypocrite when he agreed with Nicole that her relationship with God was between God and her since Mahmoud was the one pushing her to dress a certain way. When Ahmed interjected to defend his brother, Kris said that Mahmoud acted differently around his brother and since Ahmed wasn't coming to the U.S. with Mahmoud, this was why there was concern for Nicole. Mahmoud shockingly openly mocked Kris and made faces as she talked, prompting her to call him "childish." Mahmoud fired back that he was only trying to be nice to everyone so his wife wouldn't be sad and cry again.

"Why can't you just not be an a**hole just to not be an a**hole?" Daniele asked him. "Like, why do you have to do it for someone else? Just don't be an a**hole."

It's clear that nothing was resolved between Nicole and Mahmoud during the tell-all although they're still together. Tim commented backstage of Mahmoud, "We've seen a side of him I don't think we've ever seen before."

"I feel really bad for Nicole," he added. "I don't care what language, culture you're from, laughing at someone when you see they're heartbroken is not OK ... That's disrespectful, that's the only word for it."