'90 Day Fiancé' Recap: Angela Explodes After Michael Asks Her for 5K to Get Off Instagram

Angela is having serious doubts about Michael's true intentions when it comes to their marriage.

Angela and Michael are once again going through an extreme rough patch in their marriage. On Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, Angela and Michael were clearly not getting along while he remained in Nigeria waiting for his visa to get approved and Angela expressed serious doubts that he was in the marriage for the right reasons.

Angela noted in last week's episode that she wasn't getting any emotional support from Michael and in this week's episode, the two had a somber video chat on his birthday. Michael said he couldn't go out for his birthday because he didn't have the financial means given that Angela refused to send him money when he asked for it. Angela, who famously has an explosive temper, then screamed at him that she didn't send him money because he was "an idiot." Angela told cameras that she provided money for him to live and wondered what he needed more money for. Then she shockingly revealed that Michael told her he would only take down his Instagram -- which she's always been uncomfortable with -- if she gave him $5,000.

"Now how much shadier can he get?" she asked.

Angela continued to yell at Michael, accusing him of blocking her on Instagram and talking to other women. Meanwhile, Michael pointed out that Angela herself has social media and put his foot down that he was not taking his account down. Angela then hung up on him but not before yelling, "F**k you and your birthday." Angela told cameras that she didn't trust Michael because his Instagram feed and comments were filled with women.

"I don't even know if I know Michael at this point," she told cameras, breaking down in tears and eventually walking off. "I can't help it. He's really hurting me this time."

Later, Angela talked to her daughter, Skyla, and Skyla pointed out that Angela herself was flirting with a man she connected with online named Billy, who's a former stripper from Canada. Angela defended herself and said she was helping Billy get a kidney because he had kidney failure, but did admit she had "a little social media crush" on him. But she insisted she wasn't a cheater and noted that Michael wasn't giving her the attention she needed. Angela then said she needed to go to Nigeria and see if the marriage was worth saving, explaining that she needed to make a decision soon since his visa could get approved at any second.

"The timing of this trip to go to Nigeria right now is crucial because I don't have much time left," she told cameras. "I need to know if I'm gonna stay with Michael or divorce him because this visa could be approved at any time and if that's true, I have no control of this relationship if he gets here and he don't want to be with me."