'90 Day Fiancé': Kobe and Emily Tell Her Shocked Dad She's Pregnant

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The cat's finally out of the bag when it comes to Emily being pregnant with her and Kobe's second child. On Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé, the couple got married and then told her family she's pregnant, which didn't exactly go over well given that Emily's dad, David, expressly told her not to get pregnant while she and Kobe were still living under his roof and not yet financially stable.

While Kobe has always wanted to come clean about the pregnancy, Emily insisted they wait until after the wedding, which her father also spent a lot of money on. Before the ceremony, Kobe and David shared a heartfelt moment together, and Kobe completely broke down in tears over the guilt he felt at keeping the news from him.

"I never had a moment like this with my own father," Kobe said. "That's why I want to tell David so much about this pregnancy, but, thinking of Emily as well, I feel like if I tell David now I might betray her trust."

After their wedding, Kobe ended up breaking the news to Emily's family over dinner that she was already 10 weeks pregnant. David told cameras he was shocked and that the best thing for them would have been to get established. Emily's mom, Lisa, said they wanted Emily and Kobe to be in their own home and was disappointed since her daughter knew this.

"The baby's just not coming at a great time," Lisa said.

Emily's sister, Madeline, said she was at a loss for words and criticized Emily.

"I feel like Emily takes advantage of my parents and everything they have here," she said. "And she doesn't really realize the full effect of her actions sometimes."

But Emily did understand her family wasn't happy with her.

"Seeing their reactions, like, my fears of disappointing them are kind of coming true," she told cameras.

David said he could now no longer retire in a year and a half since Kobe couldn't work until he got his green card and Emily was pregnant. 

"They need to get on their feet, I mean, we cannot support them forever," David told cameras. "And we want to travel, we want to do some things, and Emily, she feels very secure here. I mean, maybe we've been too easy on them."

Lisa added, "At some point, they need to move."

However, Kobe was confident that things would work out.

"We've been through a lot during these 90 days so I don't think there is anything that's going to come across our way that we can't handle," he said. "And I'm gonna make sure I'm the man that I told David that I am and I'm going to be able to provide for my family."


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