'90 Day Diaries' Recap: Julia Auditions at the Strip Club Behind Brandon's Back

'90 Day Diaries': Julia Says She Can ‘Make Double’ What Brandon Makes as a Dancer (Exclusive)

On Monday's episode, Julia disregarded Brandon telling her that working as a stripper was not an option.

Julia isn't taking no for an answer when it comes to working at a strip club for money. On Monday's episode of 90 Day Diaries, Julia auditioned at a strip club since she and Brandon were quickly running out of money after buying a house in Virginia, even though Brandon previously told her that was not an acceptable option.

Julia was working as "a go-go dancer" in Russia when she first met Brandon. 90 Day Fiancé cameras captured their journey of her coming to America to be with him and they eventually got married. But on Monday's episode, it's clear it's not all wedded bliss between them. Julia isn't working and they're not in the best place financially after buying a house. Julia told cameras that dancing was what she loved to do and it brought her a lot of money, even if Brandon didn't like it. She ended up going behind his back and going to a job interview at a strip club. The woman interviewing her told her Virginia was conservative so there was no nudity or see-through clothing. She noted that on a good night, women could make up to $1,000 cash. Julia told cameras if she knew she was going to make this type of salary she would take the job as soon as possible even if Brandon didn't approve. Julia auditioned and danced on a pole but said she felt insecure about her body.

"I look in the mirror sometime and I feel like you not in good shape and at the same time I feel like, 'I like to do this,'" she said. "When I finish my dance I feel I'm exhausted. I'm like, 'OK, I'm not in good shape.' ... I need practice. I need to start work out."

Still, the woman offered her a job on the spot but she told her that she needed to talk to Brandon first. Brandon immediately disapproved and said he wasn't telling anyone his wife worked at a place with strippers. He didn't even want her working as a bartender there.

"So why stop there? Why don't you do p**n?" he asked her.

The episode ended with a frustrated Julia telling Brandon he was "over the top" and putting an abrupt end to the conversation.