'90 Day Diaries': Ben Reveals He and Mahogany Are Married and He's So Broke He's Donating Blood for Money

Ben and Mahogany

One of the most controversial couples in '90 Day Fiancé' history is still together, but it's unclear if Mahogany actually likes Ben.

Monday's episode of 90 Day Diaries featured a major update on one of the most controversial couples in the franchise's history -- Ben and Mahogany, who were featured in 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 5. Ben shared that he and Mahogany actually got married, but their life is far from perfect.

Ben, 53, was shown giving blood at a blood bank for money. While he said it was painful, he noted it was worth it to pay for plane tickets to Peru to see 23-year-old Mahogany, whom he called the love of his life. Despite a rocky start to their romance during their season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days -- including Mahogany heavily altering her photos online and ghosting him multiple times -- he said the two got engaged and then got married just a few months ago in a civil ceremony.

"Even though we are married, Mahogany still needs me to build trust with her," he shared. "We're just going through a really difficult transition."

One of their issues is that Ben currently doesn't have a steady job and money's very tight. Because of financial issues, they haven't been able to get her visa to come to the United States. Still, he was spending money to travel to see her.

"Desperate men do desperate things," he noted.

Ben traveled to Peru and despite the fact that they're married, Mahogany was still playing the same games of not showing up to meet him where she said she was going to be. But he did end up finding her and they shared a kiss. The next day, they talked about money issues given that Mahogany wants a religious wedding ceremony in Peru. He told her he could not pay for her spousal visa yet. Obviously, Mahogany was not happy and bluntly said she would lose interest in him if he didn't show interest in her.

"I literally had to go and give my blood -- like, I was trying to earn money in every situation I could," he told her.

Mahogany asked what would happen if she changed her mind about the wedding.

"I would be heartbroken," he replied. "But I have found something real with you. And I've never loved someone like I love you. I'm willing to sacrifice a lot to make this work. Honestly, whatever it takes because I've never found something this good."

While Ben professed his love for her, she simply replied, "I can tell." She did not tell him she loved him back.